worthy of ohfervation, that there ihuuld appear on tltis occalion fuch a combination among the city oili- csrs to miflead the livery; a com- bination which feems the more fia- grant, as they refufed to cornmuv- nicate th_eir objections, but the night before, to fome gentlemen, who had applied to them exprefsly for that purpofe.

A box of diamonds, and other Iichjewels, was delivered to his ma~ jetty by the earl of Rochfnrd, as a prefent from the nabob of Bengal.

' Between one and two o’clocl:, a fire broke out at Mr. Caleb Atkin- ion’s, an eminent coach-maker in David-Erect, near Berkley-fquare, which entirely confurned the fame, and greatly damaged the two ad= joining houfes. Mrs. Iviantle, lady of Mr. juliice Mantle, ivho lives next door but one to the fire, and who had been lame for twenty years, and unable to help herfelf to or from her bed, miraculoufly found the ufe of her legs, and ran from Mr. Man- tle’s houfe into IVIount-itreet, un- known to any of the family, who had giyen her up for loft, before ghey round her. Mr. and Mrs. At- lkinfon had both got fafe down liAlIS at the lirlt alarm of the fire; but ilVlrs. Atkinfozi, upon milling her youngefi: daughter, a child about S years oi age, went up ftairs again, and found the child in the room, and the room all in llantes; {he then tf-trew herlelf out of a twopair-of- ftzirs winciottt, after being 'much burnt, by which the broke her thigh and one of her arms, and was car- ried over the way toa public-houfe,

little hurt from the fall, but is very much burnt; yet there are hopes of its recovery. A maid, and a child whom Mr. Atkinfon had brought up, perifhed in the flames. Extract of a letter from on board the Merlin, at Senegal, July 6. On the 7th of june, captain. O‘Hara, two midlhipmen, myfelf, and r2 feamen, went into a tender {leaving the {hip of? Cape Blanco, on the coalt of Barbary.) Our ex- pedition was, to find out the illand of Arguin, which had been often attempted by feveral of our men of war, but without fuccefs. On the Sunday following, being the Ilth of june, we difcovered the ifland, and brought our tender up within about a quarter ofa mile from a village on the illand. About five o’clocl<, capt. O‘Hara, the two midlhipmen, and four feamen, went on lhore, armed (we having obferv- ed feveral Moors, to the number of forty or fifty, on the beach, making fignals for us to come on Ihore) ; the captain and people had not been landed a quarter of an hour, before the Moors began to attack them, and being loom overpowered by numbers, they were all cut off; and in about ten minutes we could fee them all welteritig in blood, and the Moors cutting and mangling their bodies. V/e er-deattoured all we could to defiroy the barbarians (wnile perpetrating an act of fuch inhumanity) with our grape and round {hot from the tender, and ob- ferved fume of them fall. In about a quarter of an hour, concluding our people all murdered, night com-

‘where {he expired in let's than half ing on, and the Moors launching

aahour in great agonies; thus lof- ing her life tor the lake of her child. The child leaped out of the window iafter her mother, alrl received very

their canoes, as we imagined to board the tender and cut us ofl", and having only 8 people befide rnyfelf, thought it befl to cut our cables and