S U P P L I E S granted by Parliament, for the Year 1769.

Novmussa 21, 1768. l. HAT 16,oco men be employed for the Tea fervice for 1769, including 4,287 marines. 2. That a 111111, not exceeding 4.1. per man per month, be allowed for maintaining them, including .r. 1/. ordnance for fea fervice 835cm) O Q Piovizmiarzrt, 28. I 1. That a number of land forces, including 2,349 invalids, amounting to 17,142 efiieélivc men, commiifion and non commiflion officers included, be employed for 1769 I 2. For defraying the charge of the {aid number of land forces for 1769 --———- For maintaining his majelly’s forces and garri- fons in the plantations and Africa, including thofe in garriion in Nlinorca and Gibraltar, and for pro- vifions for the forces in North America, Nova Sco- tia, Newfoundland, Gibraltar, the ceded iflands, and Africa, For 1769 ‘I . 4.. For defi-aying the charge of the difference of pay between the Britilh and lrifh ellablifhment, of five regiments and four companies of foot, ferving in the ifle of Man, at Gibraltar, Minorca, and the ceded iflands, for 1769 5. For the pay or the general and fiafF oflicers in Great Britain, for 1769 6. For defraying the charge of full pay for 365 days, for 1769, tocrhcers reduced, with the 10th company of feveral battalions reduced from ten to nine c‘ mpanies, and who remained on half pay at

the 24th of December 1765 - 4,763 5 o

602,673 15 7

sarfiss 18 7%,-

4,661 t; 7

12,203 11» 6i-

1,ozz,138 1o 3%

DECEMBER 5. 1. For the ordinary of the navy, including half pay to fea and marine officers, for 1769 ' 410,255 8 I 2. Towards the buildings, rebuildingfi, and ffipfiirs ' 0F {hips of war in his majeftfs yards, and other extra- works, over and above what are propofed to be done

9 _ upon