bills, made out by virtue of an aét, paffed in the 8th year of his prei-ent ll/Iajeflfs reign, intitled, an Aft for railing a certain {um of money by loans, or ex- chequer bills, and charged upon the firft aids to be L‘. .1. d. granted IhiS feflion —— --— -— 1,800,000 0 0

1,824,347 1 11 » FEBRUARY 23. For Charles Dingley, of London, merchant, as a reward to him for having erected and brought to per- 1 feétion, for tl1e benefit of the public, a wind-faw-mill at Limehoufe, for the purpole of manufaéturing tim- ber into wainlicot and deals; and as a recompence for the lofs he fulitained in the wilful deflruéiion of the faid wind-faw-mill, by a number of riotous and dil- orelerly perfons, in the month of May lafi -- 2,000 o o MA RCH 2. To difcharge the arrears and debts due and owing upon the civil lift, on the 5th of January, 1769 -— 513,511 o o

MARCH 7. Towards crafting a magazine for gunpowder, at Priddy’s Hard, in Portfmouth harbour -- 4,000 0 o MARCH 14.

1. Towards defraying the extraordinary expences

of his majefiy’s land forces, and other fervices in-

curred, to the 23d of December 1768, and not pro-

vided for by parliament -- 238,557 z z 2. To replace to the linking fund the like (um ' '

iffucd thereout, to make good the deficiency on the

5th day of July 1768, of the fund efiablifhed for

paying annuities, in refpetft of five millions borrowed

by virtue ofan aét made in the 31R year of his late

majefly, towards the fupply granted for the fervice of

1758 —- —-_ 47,531 t8 6 3. To replace to ditto, the like {um paid out of the

fame, t0 make good the deficiency, on the 5th day of

April 1768, of the fund efiablifhed for paying annu-

ities in refpeét of 3,5o0,o0ol. borrowed by virtue of

an a€t of the third of his prefent majelty, towards the

fupply granted for the fervice of 1763 q- 18,930 3 4,’;

s<>s»<>19 4 0%


That provifion be made for the pay and cloathing of the militia, and for the fubliflence during the time they {hall be abfent from home on account of the

annual exercife, for I769. A P R U».