» APRIL r0. t. Upon account, to enable the Foundling Hofpital to maintain and educate fuch children as were re- ceived into the fame on or before the 25th of March I760, from the zrll: of December 1768, exclufive, to the 311i of December i769, inclufive, and the {aid 4-, d, {um to be iffued without any deduction 19,957 1o o 2. Upon account, for enabling the (aid hofpital to put out apprentice the laid children, f0 as that the (aid hofpital do not give with one child more than 7l. 5,600 0 o Upon account, to repay to the governors and guardians of the faid hofpital, the like ium advanced by them, for apprenticing {uch children as were re- ceived into it, on or before the 25th 0f March 1760, over and ‘above the fums granted by parliament for that purpofe - - -- 3,23: t6 0 4.. To make good to his rnajefiy the like (um, which has been iffued by his majeily’; orders, in pur-

fuance of the addrefTes of the hoafe -- - 16,500 o o 5. Towards carrying on an additional buiirlingfor

a more commodious paflage to the houfe of commons 3,000 o o 6. Towards paying of? and difcharging the debts

of the navy _ -- 400,000 o o 7. To make good the deficiency cf the grants for

the fervice of the year 1768 —- 186,043 I 7% 8. For repairing, maintaining, and (upporting, the

Britilh forts and (ettlements on the coalt of Africa 2,000 0 o


649,332 7 7%

Artur. u. -_------ To pay the benefit prizes in the prefent lottery, charged upon the fupplies of the current year -—- 600,000 0 o Artur. t2.

To be advanced to the governor and company of the merchants of England, trading into the Levant feas, to be applied in affifiing the {aid company in carrying on their trade -- _. - 5,000 0 0 APRIL 20. To be applied for making a new road at the foot ofthe mountain of Penmaen Mawr, and thereby fe- curing a certain communication between Great Britain and Ireland, by way of Holyhead -- 2,000 o 0 MA Y l. To Frederick Lafontaine, or to fuch perfon or per-

. fons as his majefiy (hall think proper, to encourage the

making offaltpetrein Great Britain, under the in- fpeéhon of the board of ordnance -- :,c00 0 0

3am total 0f the {applies granted this (Lilian - rqecgfi" " 4 1c;-