U21): and mean: fbr TdyiHg t/ze a/nrue fiapp/y granted to bi: ma- jcfy, agreed to on tbe fol/owing d031, viz.

Nov. 24, 1768. HA T the duties upon malt, mum, cyder and perry, be continued from the 23d of June, 1769, to the 24th of June, 1770, and charged upon all the malt which

{hall be made, and all mum which-

ihall be made or imported, and all cyder and perry which {hall be made for {ale within the kingdom of Great Britain, 7oo,oool. Decemnea 6.

That the {um of 3s. in the pound, and no more, be raifed within the fpace of one year, from the 25th of March, 1769, upon lands, tenements, hereditaments, penfions, and perfonal eltates, in that part of Great Britain called England, Wales, and the town of Berwick upon Tweed; and that a proportionable cefs, according to the ninth article of the treaty of union, be laid upon that part of Great Britain called Scotland, 1,528,568]. 11s. Hid.

FEBRUARY 23, r769.

That towards railing the (apply granted to his tnajefly, the lum of |,8oo,oc\ol. be railed by loans, or exchequer bills, to be charged upon the firlt aids to be granted in the next feilion of‘ parliament; and inch exchequer bills; if not difcharged, with intereli thereupon, on 0r be- fore the 5th day of April 1770, to be exchanged and received in pay- ment, in liuch manner as exchequer bills have uliially been exchanged and received in payment.

lVlARCH 1.1,. That the duties or excife, pay-

able upon feal fkins, tanned, tawed;

or dreflied, within this kingdom,

be taken 0E. That in lieu thereof a duty of“ excife be laid upon feal

fltins, which {hall be tanned, tawed;

or drefTed in this kingdom, after

the rate of lid. for every pound

weight avoirdupollie of {itch ikins.


That the faid duty be‘ applied to fuch ul-es as the {aid duties to be taken of? are now appropriated unto;

Marten 23.

That the charge of the pay and cloathing of the militia, in that part of Great Britain called Eng- land, for one year, beginning the 25th ofMarch, 1769, be defrayed out of the monies ariling by the" land-tax granted tor the lervice of the year 1769.

Artur. 10¢

That the (um of 46043001; which, by an act made in the 7th year of his prefent majefiy’s reign; intitled, An aft for cltablifliing an agreement for the payment of the annual fum of4oo,oool. for a

limited time, by the Bali-India

company, in refpefl of the territo- rial acquifitions and revenues lately obtained in the EaIi-lndies,’ is di- reéted to be paid, within the prefent year, into the receipt ofhis majeé ily’s exchequer, by the faid com- pany, be applied towards making good the (upply granted to his ma- Jelly. APRIL n.

l. That the {um of 780,000 I. be railed, by way of lottery ; fuch lottery to confilt of 60,000 tickets; at i3 l. each; and that the contri- butors towards the fame ihall, on or before the 20th day of this inftant April, tnolte a depolit, with the caihiers of the bank of England,

of rl. in relpeét of the monies to be