befi feafons for improving thecivil polity of a nation, and providing for its fecurity; we beg leave to ‘(allure your majeliy, that we {hall not be regardlefs of the opportunity which Providence is now pleafed to favour us with.

‘Permit us, royal fir, further to alTure your majeliy, that in all our confultations upon thofe great and national objeéts which have been recommended to us in his excel- 1e_ncy’s fpeech from the throne, we will proceed with that diligence and unanimity which matters of fuch high importance require, and which may procure to us, what we moi’;

a ardently wilh to obtain, a continu-

ance of your majellfs favourable countenance and approbation,

‘The bungE/e addrq/fr the knights, citizen: and fiurgejflir, in par/in,- ment qflEmb/ed,

To the king’s molt excellent i meitfly- Molt gracious fovereign, WE your majefihy’s molt duti- ful and loyal fubjeéts, the commons of Ireland, in parliament aflembled, humbly beg leave to allure your majefty of our firm at- tachment to your facred perfon, royal family, .and government.

We beg leave to exprefs thejufiefi: fentiments of duty and alfeéition to your majclty, for having gratified the earneli wifhes of your faithful fubje£ts with that great improve- ment of the conliitution, the law for limiting the duration of parlia- ments; the happy efiecis of which begin already to appear, in ltrength- ening and extending the protefiant religion in this kingdom.

' We moli thankfully acknowledge the many gracious marks we have


experienced of your majelly’s pa- ternal regard t0 your [objects of this kingdom; the fenfe of which muft at all times animate our deli- berations, and direct them to all fuih meafures as may fecure to us the bleilings we enjoy under your aufpicious government.

Permit us to congratulate your majefiy on the further addition to your illulirious houfc by the birth of another princels; a-n event which mull give the highell fatisfaciion to a people (o deeply intereiletl in the happinefs of (o excellent a fovg- reign, adorned with every virtue that conllitutes the great king and the amiable father of a family.

We return our moli iincere thanks to your majefiy, for giving the firll: parliament limited in duration an opportunity of meeting his excel- lency lord Townfhend, a chief go- vernor, under whofe adminillration we obtained that excellent law; from whofe experience of our loy- alty and zeal,and from whofe mild and prudent government, we have the highefl expeélations, that the honour of the crown and the liber- ties of the people will be duly at- tended t0.

The great affection which your loyal and faithful commons of Ire- land have ever tellified for your facred perfon, and the {ucceilion of your illullrious houfe, will always induce them, to the utmoll: of their abilities, to grant fuch fupplies as may be neceflary for the fupport of your maje1ly’s government, and the fafety of this kingdom.

Fully fenfible that times of peace are the bell feafons for improv- ing the civil polity, and provid- ing for the fecurity of a nation, and that the llrength and riches oi‘ a country mull be in proportion to the ntunbcr ofits indultrious inha~