9Z0 ‘buifid/e addrqfi of t/Je knights, citizens, and éurggflitr, in parlia- mm afimbled. May it pleafe your excellency, WE his majeflfs molt dutiful and loyal fubjefits, the com- mons of Ireland, in parliament af- fembled, return your excellency our moft humble thanks for your moft excellent fpeech from the throne, and beg leave at the fame time to exprefs our fincere and hearty con- gratulation on this parliament he-

i ing appointed to meet your excel-

lency, under whofc adminifiration this kingdom has been made happy in the acquilition of that great improvement to our conilitution, the law for limiting the duration of parliaments; and as we are the firlt parliament that has ever af- fembled in this kingdom in con- fequence of that law, we conlider it as a particular mark of his ma- jefiy’: goodnefs, that he has been pleafed to give us this opportunity of aflitring your excellency, that we entertain the jullelt fenfe of and gra- titude for your excellency’s efieéiual endeavours in favour of that mea- fure; among the many happy effects oflwhich, the increafe and llrength- cning of the proteflant intereml be- gin already to take place.

When we refleft on this, and the

"many other convincing proofs which

"this kingdom has received of your excellency’s true regard to its well- fare and happinefs, we have the fullefl confidence, that under your excellency’s adminiflration, the ho- nonr and dignity of the crowh, and

' the jull rights and liberties of the ‘people, will be maintained and pro-

tefited. ~ We beg leave to afTure your ex-

cellency, that we {hall chearfully

concur ingranting fuch finpplies as



fhall be nccclTary for the fupport of

his majellyis government, and the- fafety and welfare of this king- dom.

We return your excellency our hearty thanks, for your having been pleafed to inform us that the exi- genciesof governmenthave required only a very moderate ufe to be made of that confidential credit which was granted by the lait parliament; and we are thoroughly fatisfied, that, during your excellency’s admi- niliration, the fame attention to the public cnconomy will continue.

We fhall not neglect the favour- able opportunity which this time of peace alfords us to attend to thofe objefts which your excellency has been pleafed to recommend to us ; and as we are fully confident that the fircngth and riches ofa country are in a proportion to the number, indullry, and goodtmorals of the inhabitants, we {hall ufe our utmolt endeavours to make that ufeful and charitable inliittltion, the proteilant charter fchools, efiefituzlly corre- fpond with its original defign and great end.

The linen manufafture is an object which {hall always engage our earneii attention; and it lhall be our care, as far as in us lies, to preferve that important branch of our trade in its fulleli credit and extent.

We ihall take into our mofl fe- rious confideration, what further laws may be necellitry, to prevent the clandellzine running of goods ; a praélice fo injurious to the public revenue, and detrimental to the fair trader.

We beg leave to return our warm- eli acknowledgements to your ex- cellency, for the aflicétioti you have been plcafcd to exprcfs for this