to have been wrapt in white linen, over which it feemed to have been cloathed in a vell of white damalk, with a mantle of fcarlet velvet em- broidered. It is remarkable, that not only the different veilrnents were fiill difcernible, but alfo their different colours. On his breafl was fixed a leaden plate, on which was engraven a Latin infcription.

A placart was this day publilhed by order of the States General, prohibiting for fix weeks, all commerce by land and water between the inhabitants of the Republic and the {objects of the Eleéior Palatine, the founda- tion of which was owing to fome contraband proceedings on both fides in confequence of which, much altercation has enfued. Su- gars belonging to the Palatines, have been detained at Rotterdam, and in return, fome boats have been flopt belonging to the Dutch upon the Lower Rhine. The af- fair is become ferious, and if not {peedily accommodated, may pof- fibly be productive ofa rupture.

0n account of the QICCIYS fafe delivery, a little before one, the Lord Mayor, the Alder- men, the Sheriffs, and Common- council, fet out from Guildhall with the addrefs.

In going, after the Lord Mayor, Sir Robert Ladbroke, Mr. Alder- man Alfop, and Sir William Ste- phenfon, had pafled through Tem- ple Bar, the gates were fuddenly fhut againlt Mr. Alderman Harley (who was next in the procef- 50H) by a mob, few in number, who directly began to pelt him with {tones and dirt, and pulled him out of his chariot, oppofite to the door of the Sun Tavern, into which he was forced to take




to preferve his life. After con- tinuing here fame time, he went away in a hackney coach, with a gentleman who had accompanied him, but not without being fol- lowed and inftzltcd by part of the mob that at firli befet him.

As foon as the Lord Mayor heard the gates were fhut, he fent Mr Gates, the City htlarlhal, back, who opened them without any ob- Ptruftion, and the whole procellion (Mr. Harley excepted) arrived at St. ]ames’s about ten minutes be- fore two, the time appointed for their reception.

After the Lord Mayor had waited in the anti-chamber at St. ]ames’s a confiderable time, the Lord Chamberlain came out with a pa- per in his hand, and read to the following elfeclz“ As your Lord- lhip thought fit to fpeak to his Majelly after his anftver to the late remonltrance, I am to acquaint your Lordfhip, as it was unufual, his lVlajefiy defires that nothing of this kind may happen for the fu- ture.” The Lord Mayor then de- fired the paper might be delivered- to him. The Lord Chamberlain faid he acted oflicially, and had it not in orders to deliver the paper. The Lord Mayor then delired a copy: To which the Lord Cham- berlain replied, he would acquaint his Majelty, and take his direc- tions; but he did not return untii the order was brought for the whole Court to attend with the addrefs.

Sir Robert Ladbroke complained to the Lord Mayor, that {tones were’ thrown at his coach. The Lord Mayor called Mr. Gates, the City Marlhal, face to face with the F a- ther of the city, and afked him, that was f0, who contradicted Sir Robert; he then faid, dirt was

thrown 9