prefented to his Majelly at St. _lames’s by Sir Francis Vincent, Bart. one of the reprelientatives of that county in parliament, at- tended by the Hon. Peter King, Sir Robert Clayton, Sir joteph I'r'lfl\k’l’1€_'\7, Bart. and Benjamin Hayes, Efq. .

gThree children of a poor cot- tager in Ireland having eaten of the herb Daho, or Water-parfnep, two of them died, and the other was with diliiculty (rived.-

A plowman near Brgglefwade in Bcdfiordiltire, threw up a pot of gold coins, {uppofed of Edward Vl‘. one of them tneafured exact ly one inch, one quarter, and one eighth in diameter; the reprelen- tation on one fide is a man in ar- mour, in a lhip, holding a {word in his right hand, and on his left arm a ihield, with four compart- ments of three lions and three fieur-de-lis. On the other fide a large crofs equally divided, the ‘gegend hardly to be made out. They are of pure gold, of (even- teen fhillings value.

The judgment of the governor and council of Calcutta was re- verfed by his Majeliy’s council here, on an appeal from \Villiam Bolts, Efq; for removing him from the council there, without a fufficient caufe.

A] A comet was difcovered 14"" by M. Nleiiier, at Paris, about eleven in the evening. It was lituatetl between the head and

°*‘~v 0F Sagitarius, in the milky

way’ and “s {carcely vifible wi'h a IWO-{OOE It‘. €iCvr?_‘ The

of the nucleus was vivid a“; whitm On the night between the rgth an’; roth of june, the right aleenfiqn or the comet was 272 deg. 57 min, 37 fee. and its declination r5 deg.


55 min. 24. fec. fouth. On the night between the 20th and 21R, its right afcenfior- was 273 deg. 2| min. 2 fcc. By thefe obfervations, the motion of the comet in five days, is found to be no more than 23 min. one-half right afcenfion, and t deg. 25 min. 20 fec. decli- nation. lts motion follows the order of the figns, rifing towards the equator; and it pafTes the me- ridian about midnight. This co- met increafes in light, and may become confiderable.

Being the firli day of term, the two Kennedys were brought before Lord Manf- field, in order to take their trial for murder a fecond time, on the appeal of the widow Bigby; but it appeared that the plaintiE had pleaded over on the appeal, but not on the bill, which mutt be done before the court can bring them to trial. This omiliion made it necefliary for the prifoners to be fent back to the King's-bench till the necefiary forms are gone through, f0 that the hearing is put oiFJ-ine die.

About 12 o’clock at noon, a molt terrible fire broke out at Foulfham, a market town in Nor- folk, occafioned (as fuppofed) by a perfon throwing fome hot wood. alhes on a dunghill adjoining to an old thatched liable. The weather being dry and windy, 14, houfes were entirely confirmed; the church, chancel, and iieeple were demolilhed, leaving only the bare walls fianding. The flames raged f0 fierce and rapid, that many of the poor fufferers loll: their all, to their inconceivable dmrefs. The damage cannot yet be Computed. but is fuppofed. t6 amount to [ome thoufands of

' pounds,