and even friendfhip which they have éltvays fhewn to myfelf as well as to my predeceflbrs, nor ac} In as t0 difpleale me in any re- fpeft, and more efpecially on the prefent occafion, when I am de- iirous to tcfiify my gratitude to the Emprefs Q1661 for the prefent {he has made to me, which I hope, as well as you, will compleat the happinefs of the remainder "cf my life.”

The King finding that the above did not quite reconcile the alarms of the nobility, has been plealed to declare that a lady of quality Iltall be the firfi who dances after the Princes and PrincelTes of the Blood, at the ball which {hall be given 0n account of the marriage of his Royal Highnefs the Count dc Provence. In confequence of this declaration, the Dukes have met to draw up an addrefs of thanks‘ t0 his Majefly.

The following copy of a letter from Mr. de Voltaire to the lVIar- fhal Duke de Richlieu, is handed about.

‘f I wilh, my lord, to have the pleafure of giving you my bleiiing before I die. The cxpreflion may be new to you, but it is neverthe- lels true. I have the honour t0 be a capuchin: our general at Rome has jult fent me my patent, in vrhich I am fiiled (piritual brother, and temporal father Capuchin. Send me word which of your de- ceafed millrefles you would with to get out of purgatory, and I {wear by my beard, (he lhall not be there 24, hours longer. As in conlequence or my new vocation, I mull give up the good things of this world, I have religned t0 my relations what is due to me of the ePtate of the late Princefs de Guile,



and from that 0f Monfieur votre Intendant. They wiil apply to youdor your directions in thefe aFrairs, which they will efiecm a

favour. I fincerely give you my blelling, and am, &c.

An unworthy Capuchiu."

Died lately, the Rev. H. Gibert, rector of Rolton, in Lincolnfhire, upwards of 50 years. He was a French proteliant, and left his country for his religion.

Mr. Benj. Lee, of Saffron-hill, apothecary, aged 9o.

Mr. Thomas Bernard, tallow- chandler, worth 100,000 l.

Ann Hatfield, aged 105, Tinfley, Yorldhire.

James Hatfield, aged 10;, who is faid t0 have faved his life by hearing St. Paul’s clockltrike 13 at Windfor. '

john Haynes, aged Wooton-Baflet, Wilts. _

Ralph Nied, near Chefier, aged 107 ; he had buried fix wives.


x05, at


This morning were exe- t cuted at Tyburn, purfuant to 4 their fentence, James Attaway and Richard Bailey, for fiealing a quantity of plate in the honfe of Thomas Le Merr, Efq; in Bed- ford-row: Daniel Pfiuyer, for a. burglary in the houle of Robert Walker, in Little Carter-lane: Francis Lutterell, for fiealing wearing apparel, the property of Thomas’ Jackfon, in the houfe of William Shepherd, in Bell-yard, Temple-bar ; and john Read, alias Miller, for returning from tranf-

portation. ‘The