corder of this city be taken into confideration at the next Court of Common-council, and that the Lord Mayor be defired to order notice of it to be inferted in the fummonfes.

That the oath taken by the Recorder on his admillion into oliice, be forthwith printed and fent to every Member of this Court.” 28th Orders were fent to the ' feveral royal dock-yards, to double the guards, and to admit no Ptrangers for the future without a flrift examination. One lirong circumfiance feems to confirm the opinion that the dock-yard at Portf- mouth was wilfully fet on fire, and that is, the men on board the Cufiom-houfe Cutter, perceiving a ftnoke in the dock-yard, obferved it through a fpying-glafs, by which they could plainly difcern it to iffue from four different places at once, and took it "to be a {hip a- breaming. This was about three in the morning, two hours before it was difcovered by the centinels on duty.

The Countefs of Grammont was banilhed the court of Verfailles, on account of fome improper be- haviour to the Countefs of Barre, the King’s millrefs, at the play.

An infurreflion of the populace at Cherburg, in France, on account of the dearnefs of bread, alarmed the magiflracy, who called iu the military to fupprefs it, bywhich forne lives were loll. At Rheims they plundered a magazine, and killed fome Monks who oppofed them.

Advice was received of one of the molt dreadful hurricanes hap- pening in North-Carolina on the 28th of June lalt, that ever was


known at that feafon of the year. Many fhips were loft in the har- bour, the wharfs ruined by the billows that broke againll them with altonilliing violence, and Charles-Town providentially efl caped by the lownefs of the tide. The damage received is computed at 10,0001.

In the Mearnes of Scotland a {lone has been lately dug up with this infcription, R. 1M. L. which probably means Romani Imperii Limes. As this is fuppofed to have been depofited in order to mark the limits of Cafafs conquells in Britain-, the doubt, fays a writer in the public papers, whether that conqueror extended the Roman arms to the Grampian hills, is no-v folved. To this it has been ob- jected, that not Czfar, but Agri- cola extended the Roman con- quefls to the Grarnpian hills.

Edi/zdurgl], I711!) 23. Yeflerday the court of feffions determined the great caufe of the peerage of the antient and noble family of Caith- nefs. The competition was be- tween William Sinclair of Rattler, Efq; and James Sinclair, in Reifs. The latter not being proved of lawful blood, the court afiirmed the verdiét of the jury on a former trial, in favour of Mr. Sinclair of Rattler.

There is now living at Kettle- well, near Skipton in Yorltfhire, one Ifaac Truman, an old foldier, aged 117 years, who enjoys his light, and every other faculty, in as great perfeétion as he did at 3o : He was ferjeant in the firlt year of the reign of (been Anne, has been in feveral campaigns abroad, and always behaved in a manner be- coming a brave foldier. His whole

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