" I have the honour to be, with the fnoli fincere efteem and regard ,


Your molt obliged, and molt faithful humble fervant,

Enwm Laser-muss.”

Garaldeflorougb, Sept. 28.

Tb: im/zappy Riot at Bo/Iou bar been euarioxflt reprefinted, and i: in

q/fi iatere/fing a Nature, that

Iwe tbini i! necqfizry to lay tbe dif-

ferent Jceaunt: qf it hfor: our


Ba/fan, Marrb l2-

N the evening of Monday, be-

ing the 5th current, feveral

foldiers of the 29th regiment were

feen parading the ftreets with their

drawn cutlafles and bayoriets, abu-

fing and wounding numbers of the inhabitants.

A few minutes after nine o’cloclt, four youths, named Ed- ward Archhald, William Merchant, Francis Archibald, and john Leech, jun. came down Cornhill together, and feparating at Dr. Loring’s corner, the two former, in pafling a narrow alley, where a foldier was brandilhing a broad (word, of an uncommon fizc, againft the walls, out of which he firuck fire plenti- fully, and a perfon of a mean coun- tenance, armed with a large cud- gel, by him, Edward Archbald bid Mr. Merchant take care of the fword, on which the foldier turned round, {truck Archibald on the arm, and then pulhefi at Merchant. Mer- chant then firuck the foldier with a ihort flick, and the other perfon ran to the barrack, and brought with him two foldiers, one armed with a pair of tongs, the other

witha fhovel; he with the tongs purfued Archbalcl back through the

alley, collared and laid him over

the head with the tongs. Th:


noife brought people together, and john Hicks, a young lad, coming up, knocked the foldier down, but let him get up again; and more lads gathering, drove them back to the barrack, where the boys liood fome time as it were to keep them in. In leis than a minute ten or twelve {oldiers came out, with drawn cutlaliies, clubs, and bayo- nets, and fet upon the unarmed boys, who, finding the inequality of their equipment, difperfed. On hearing-the noife, one Samuel At- wood came up to fee what was the matter, and met the foldiers afore- faid rulhing down the alley, and alked them if they intended to murder people? they anfwered, Yes, by G—d, root and branchl with that one of them firuck Mr. Atwood with a club, which was repeated by another, and, being unarmed, he turned to go 0E, and received a wound on the left lhoulder, which reached the bone. Retreating a few fteps, Mr. At- wood met two otiicers, and faid, Gentlemen, what is the matter? they anfwered, you’ll fee by and by. Immediately after, thefe he- roes appeared in the fquare, alking where were the boogers? where were the cowards? thirty or forty perfons, molily lads, being by this means gathered in King-llreet, Capt. Preflon, with a party of men with charged bayonets, came from the main-guard, and taking their fiations by the Culiom-houfe, be- gan to puih 11nd drive the people off, pricking J0me, and threaten- ing others; on which the people grew clamorous, and, it is faid, th:ew (now-balls. On this the captain commanded his men to fire, and more Grow-balls coming, he again faid, d-n you, fire, be the confequence what it will !--

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