One foldier then fired, and a townf- man, with a cudgel flruck him over the hands with fuch force that he dropt his firelock, and, rulhing forward, aimed a blow at the cap- taizfs head, which grazed his hat, and fell pretty heavy upon his arm: however, the (oldiers continued the fire, liuccefiively, till {even or eight, or, as forne fay, eleven guns- were difcharged.

By this fatal manoeuvre, feve- ral-were laid dead on the fpot, and fome lay Iiruggling for life; but what lhewed a degree of cruelty unknown to Britifh troops, at leall fince the houfe of Hanover has di- reéted their operations, was an at- tempt to fire upon, or [tab with their bayonets, the perfons who undertook to remove the {lain and wounded l At length,

Mr. Benjamin Leigh, of the Delph Manufattory, came up, and after fome converlation with Capt. Preflon, relative to his conduét, advifed him to draw of? his men; with which he‘ complied.

The dead are, Mr. Samuel Gray, killed on the fpot, the ball

entering his head and beating ofi:

a large portion of his ikull.

A mulatto man, named Crif- pus Attucks born in Framingham, who was here in order to North Carolina, aliio killed in- fiantly: two balls entering his breait, one of them in fpecial gor- ing the right lobe of the lungs, and a great part of the liver mofi hor- ribly. "

Mr. james Caldwell, mate of Capt. Morton’s vellel, in like manner killed by two balls enter- ing his back.

Mr. Samuel Maverick, a pro-

go for

mortally wounded; a ball went through his belly, and was cut out at his back : he died the next morn- mg.

A lad, named Chrillopher Monk, about feventeen years of age, apprentice to Mr. Walker, fhipwright, wounded; a ball en- tered his back about four inches above the leftkidney, near the fpine, and was cut out of the breall: on the fame fide; apprehended he will die.

A lad, named john Clark, about {eventeen years of age, whole parents live at Medford, wounded ; a ball entered jull below his groin and came out at his hip, on the

oppofite fide ; apprehended he will die. * -

Mr. Edward Payne, of this town, Merchant, {landing at his entry door, received a ball in his arm, which fhattered fome of the bones. i

Mr. john Green, taylor, com- ing up Leverett’s-lane, received a. balljult under his hip, and lodged in the under part ofhis thigh, which was extraéted.

Mr. Robert‘ Patterfon, a fea- faring man, wounded ; a ball went through his right arm, and he fuf- fered great lofs of blood.

Mr. Patrick Carqabout 3o, years of age, who worked with Mr. Field, leather breeches maker, in Queen-fireet, wounded ; a ball entered near his hip and went out at his frde.

A lad named David‘ Parker, an apprentice to Mr. Eddy the wheelwright, wounded; a ball en- tered his thigh.

The people were immediately alarmed with the report of this

mifing youth of feventeen years of horrid rnaiTacre, the bells were fet

age, {on of the widow Maverick,

a ' in a d reat numbers T0011 nng g, n g‘ affemibled