cern which the 29th regiment has had in your differences, Colonel Dalrymple, who is the command- ing Oflicer of the Troops, has fig» nified that that regiment lhall, without delay, be placed in the barracks at the Caiile, until he can fend to the General and receive his further orders concerning both the regiments, and that the main- guard {hall be removed, and the 14th regiment f0 difpofed and laid under fuch reilraint, that all oc- cafion of future diilurbances may be prevented.”

The foregoing Reply having been read and fully confidered-the queition was put, Whether the re- port be fatisfaftory? Paffed in the negative (only one diffentient) out of upwards of 40:0 voters.

It was then moved, that john Hancock, Efq; Mr. Samuel Adams, lVlr. William Molineux, William Phillips, Efq; Dr. jofeph Warren, jolhua Henlhatv, Efq; and Samuel Pemberton, Efq; be a Committee to wait on his Honour the Lieutenant Governor, and inform him, that the Reply made to the Vote of the in- habitants is by no moans fatisfac- tory; and that nothing lefs will iiatisfy, than a total and immediate removal ofall the troops.

The Committee having waited upon the Lieutenant Governor, his Honour laid before the Board a vote of the town of Bofion, paifed this afternoon, and then addrelied the Board as follows :

Gentlemen cftbe Council,

I lay before you a vote of the town of Bolton, which I have jull now received from them, and I now afk your advice, what you

judge neceffary to be done upon 1t. 8


The Council thereupon ex- preffed themfelves to be unanimorw of opinion, that it was abfolutely neceffary for his Majeily’s fervice, the good order of the town, and the peace of the province, that the troops lhould be immediately re- moved out of the town of Bolton ; with which opinion Colonel Dal- rymple gave his word of Honour that he would acquiefce.”

Upon the above report, the in- habitants exprefled the highelt fa- tisfaélion ; and after meafures were taken for the fecurity of the town, the meeting was diflblved.

A molt folemn proceflion was made through Bolion at the fune- ral of the four murdered youths, On this occafion all the {hops were {hut up, all the bells in the town were ordered to toll, as were thofe in the neighbouring towns, and the bodies that moved from dif- ferent quarters of the town, met at

the fatal place of aflion, and were.

carried together through the mai iireets, followed by the greats: concourfe of people ever known, all teflifying the moll fenfible grief, to a vault provided for them in the middle of the great burying- ground.

From the time of this fatal tra- gedy, a military guard of town militia has been conftantly kept in the Town-houfé and Towmpnfon, at which fome of the moll refpec- table citizens have done duty as common foldiers.

In confequence of this affair, the inhabitants of Roxburgh peti- tioned the Lieutenant Governor Hutchinfon to remove the troops from Bolton; and received for anfwer, 77m: be bad no authority to 0rder t6: King’: traaflfram earpiece

‘W W?