rat-lure they are pofled by bi: Illajgfiy’: order; at the fame time he ac- quainted them with what had been done with the concurrence of the commanding officer.

ca]? if Captain Thoma: Prtjian cf lb: 291/2 regiment.

T is matterof too great notoriety

to need any proofs, that the ar- rival of his Majelly’s troops in Bolton was extremely obnoxious to its inhabitants. They have ever ufed all means in their power to weaken the regiments, and to bring them into contempt, by promoting and aiding defertions, and with im- punity, even where there has been the clearell evidence of the faél, and by grofsly and falfely propa- gating untruths concerning them. On the arrival of the 64th and 65th, their ardour feemingly began to abate; it being too extenlive to buy of? f0 many; and attempts of that kind rendered too dangerous from the numbers. But the fame fpirit revived immediately on its being known that thofe regiments were ordered for Halifax, and hath ever lince their departurebeen breaking out with greater violence. After their embarkation, one of their jullices, thoroughly ac- quainted with the people and their intentions, on the trial of the 14th regiment, openly and publickly, in the hearing of great numbers of people, and from the feat of jufiice, declared, that the foldiers mull: now take care of themfelves, nor trufl too mucb to tbeir arms, for they were but a handful; that the inhabitants carried weapons con- cealed under their cloaths, and

would dellroy them in a moment,

[its Q“ lbrj p/erfrd.” This, conlidering the malicious temper of the peo- ple, was an alarming circumilance to the foldicry. Since which feve- ral difputes have happened between the towns people and foldiers of both regiments, the former being encouraged thereto by the counte- nance of even fome of the Magi- llrates, and by the protefiion of all the party againll Government. In general fuch diiiputes have been kept too fecret from the Officers. On the 2d inliant, two of the 29th going through one Gray's rupe- walk, the rope~makers infultingly alked them if they would empty a vault. This unfortunately had the defired effetl by provoking the fol- diers, and from words they went to blotvs. Both parties fuffered in this aifray, and finally the foltiit-rs retired to their quarters. The Ofiicers, on the ftrlt knowledge of this tranfaélion, took every precau- tion in their power to prevent any ill confequences. Notwithllanding which, fingle quarrels could not be prevented; the inhabitants con- llantly provoking and abufing the foldiery. The infolence, as well as utter hatred of the inhabitants to the troops, increafed daily; in- fomuch, that Monday and Tuefday, the 5th and 6th inllant, were pri- vately agreed on for a general en- gagement; in confequence of which feveral pf the militia came from the country, armed, to join their friends, menacing to deltroy any who lhould oppofe them. This plan has lince been difcovered. r On Monday night, about eight o’clock, two foldiers were attacked and beat. But the party of the towns people, in order to carry matters to the utmoll length, broke into two Meeting Houfes and rang

[P] 4 the