the names of the Members drawn into a box or parcel and atteil the fame; and the Speaker is to {cal the fame, and attelt the making up thereof in his prefence. The names of Members undrawn may be read by the Clerk. The Chairman is to be elected out of the Members chofen by lot; and, in cafe of equality in eleétion, the Member firft drawn to have a calling voice. Such feleét Committee is impow- cred to fend for perfons, papers, and records; to examine witneITes, and determine finally. The Houfe thereupon is to confirm, or alter,- the return ; br ifTue a new writ for anew eleétion. The feleét Com- mittee is not to adjourn for more than twenty-four hours, without leave; and, if the Houfe be then fitting, bulinefs is to be flayed, and motion made for farther adjourn- ment. Sunday or Chriftmas-day intervening are not to be deemed included. A feleet Committee-man is not to abfent himlelf without leave, nor the Committee to fit, till all, who have not leave, be met. On failure of meeting within one hour, a farther adjournment is to be made, and reported with the caufe thereof. The Chairman, at next meeting, is to report the ab- fentees, who are direéted to attend next fitting; and cenfured or punifhed at difcretion, unlefs un- avoidable abfence be proved. If thirteen do not attend, the Com- mittee is to adjourn; and if lefs for three days, then it is to be dif- folved and another chofen; and pail proceedings are to be void. The refolutions of the Committee, other than the determination of complaint, may be reported, and the Houfe‘ may make fuch order

[111 thereon, as to them lhall feem proper. Performs difobeying fum- mons, or prevaricatiug, are to be reported to the Chairman. When the Committee chufe to deliberate, the room is to be cleared. (lief- tions are to be determined by a majority, the Chairman to have a calling vote, and no determination to take place unlefs thirteen be prefent; nor any Member to vote, who has not attended every fitting. The oath taken in the Houfe is to be adminifiered by the Clerk, and thofe before the feleft Committee by the Clerk. The penalties on perjury are extended thereto. This act is to continue in force feven years, and till the end ofthe feflion of Parliament next after the expi- ration of the faid feven years, and no longer.

rYd/Yraé? 1y" an r15, for 1/28 datin- Prayéf-"uation of r/Je Game, quitbirz t/Jat Part qf Great Brintin caller! England.

HE game having oflate been much dellroyed at improper feafons, in that part of Great Britain called England: For re- medying thereof, it is hereby en- acted, that if, after june 24., 1770, any perfon or perlons fhall wil- fully, upon any pretence whatfo- ever, take, kill, or deflroy any hare, pheafant, partridge, moor game, heath game, or groufe, in the night, between one hour after fun-letting and one hour before” fun-tiling; or ufe any gun, dog, fnare, net, or other engine for taking, killing, or deflroying any' hare, pheafant, Sec. in the night as aforefaid; and {hall be conviéted; [Q] 2 thereof