the prices at which corn is fold in the leveral counties of Great Bri- tain, will be of public and general adantage; For which reafon the jufiices of the peace for each county in Great Britain, are required, at tfeir quarter fellions, next after Sept. 29, annually to direct returns to be made weekly of the prices of wheat, rye, barley, oats, and beans, from f0 many market-towns within their refpeélive counties, as they flial think proper, not being leis than two, nor more than fix; and to appoint a proper perfon to lend the fame to a perlon to be appoint- ed to receive them; and in cafe fuch perfon lhall die, neglect his dutyyor become incapable ofper- forming it, any two juilices acting for the county, may appoint ano- ther till the next quaiter iellions, at which the juaices may either confirm Tuch appointment, or chufe another.

By this AG, the meal weighers of the city of poridon are to take an account ot the prices at the mar- kets within the faid city, and re- turn the average weekly to the per- (on appointed to receive the fame.

The jullices for each county {hall caule alfo a llandard Wincheller bulhel ofeight gallons to be kept at every market town, from whence {uch returns fhall be made; and fuch returns lhall be the average ?rices by the cullomary mealure of each refpeélive market; and alio by that Winchelter bulhel.

By this AG the lord high trea- furer is empowered to appoint a fit perfon t0 receive the returns at the trealiiry, and to enter them fairly in a book kept for that purpofe; and all exports and imports of grain from and into Great Britain, with the bounties paid and received there-


on, to be tranfmitted annually to the fame perfon, and regillered in proper books by the perfon ap- tainted to receive the returns of the prices from the feveral coun- ties.

No falary is allotted by this Afl: to the perfon to be appointed at the treafury. It is to continue in force for {even years.


Jlfirac? of an x127, to prevent De- lqyr qffu/liire d] rcajbn of Pri-vi- lege ofPar/iaznznt.

T is hereby enafied, that from , the 24th ofjune next, any per- fcn may, a: any time, commence and proiecute any aclion or fuit in any court of record, or court of equity, or 0F admiralty, and in all caufes matrimonial and tellarnen- tary, in any court having cigni- zance of cauies matrimonial and tellamentary, agairill any Peer or Lord 0F parliament of Great Bri- tain, or againit any nfthe knights, citizens, and bUrgcilt15, and the commifliianers for lhires and burghs of the home of commons of Great Britain, or againli their menial or other fervants, or any other perion intitled to the privilege of parl-a_ mentofGreat Britain; and no -uch action, (uit, 0r any other procels or proceeding therzupon, ihall at any time be impeached, ltayed, or de- layed, by 0r under colour or pre- tence of any privilege of parlia- ment. _,

lt is neverthelefs provided, that nothing in this act {hall extend, to fuhjeil: the perlon of any of the members of the houfe of commons, to be arrelled or imprizoned upon any fuch fuit or proceeding; but whether by neglefl or deiign, no»

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