thing is laid about the imprilon- ment of the Lords. By this act, however, obedience may be en- forced to any ruleof his Majeliy’s courts, againll any perlon intitled to privilege of parliament, by dil- trels infinite; and the iflues arifiiwg from fuch dilirels may be fold from time to time for payment of the plaintiffs coils.

Extraordinary Condmf? of Ilse Reggi- lators, in the Back Settlement: of Nari]: C aro/i/za.

F ram the New-York Gazette.

Newbern, North Carolina, 0c}. 5. _ N Wednelday lalt a fpecial meflenger arrived in town from Granville county, to his ex- cellency the governor, with the melancholy account of a violent iulurrefition, or rather rebellion, having broke out in Orange coun- ty, among a let of men who call themfelves Regulators, and who for fome years palt have given infinite diliurbance to the civil government 0f this province, but now have fappetl its whole foundation, and brought its courts ofjufiice to their own controul.‘

Thele people have for a long time oppoled paying all manner of taxes, have entertained the \ilel’c opinion of the gvllltimfin of the law, and often threatenedithem with their vengeance. According- ly, as the Hon. judge Henderlon, and feveral gentlemen of“ the law, were returning from Salifbury cir~ cuit to Hilllborough, to hold the court there, they were way-laid by a number of them with their rifles; but happily hatingnotice of their hellilh defign, by taking a contrary rout, eluded their bloody plot.



They flill gave out their threats of meeting them at ‘Hillborough, and wreaking their vengeance on them there. i

Thefe menaccs were treated with contempt, or rather as the violent ravings of a factions and difcon- tented mob, than any fettled and fixed relolutions of men of proper- ty to commit lo daring an infult to the laws of the country, and ac- cordingly the court was opened, and p oceeded to bufinels; but on Monday, the lecond day of the court, a very large number of thofe people, headed by men of confide- rable property, appeared in Hills- borough, armed with clubs, whips, loaded at the ends with lead or iron, and many other ofienfive weapons, aad at once belet the court-houfe. The firll object of their revenge was 1m. ]ohn Williams, a gentleman of the law, who they affaulted as he was. entering the court; hirri they cruelly abuled with many and violent blows with their loaded whips on the head, and different parts of hisbody, until he by great good fortune made his efcape, and took lhelter in a neighbouring liore. They then entered the court-houle, and immediately fixed their attenl tion on Colonel Fanning. as the next object of their mercilels cru- elty ; he for lafety had retired to the judgtfs feat, as the highefi pm oflthe court-houle, from which he might make the greatefi defence againll thele bloOdllliffiy and crud lavages; but vain were all his ef- forts, for alter behavingwith the molt heroic courage he fell alacrif lice to numbers. '

They feized him by the heels, dragged him down the fieps, his’ head firiking very violently on every Iiep, carried him to the door, ' ' " and