fubjecls, permit us, molt gracious Sir, to reprerent, at the foot of your throne, that for some defects in the prefect law relati- e to corn, flour, and other uecelfaries of life, in the laws alfecling the police of this city, and from the expiration of feveral temporary llatutes, a fi- tuation in which we molt humbly conceive we can only be relieved by the meeting of Parliament, your faithful fubjeéts of this metropolis experience many and great diflicul- ties, and apprehend yet greater. Pardon. mofl: gracious Sovereign, that we prefume further to fubmit to you parental goodnefs, that certain public works, neceflary to the commerce of this city, which were begun and promoted by na- tional bounty. mull be indebted to the faid bounty for their comple- tion; and that your fubjeéls of this metropolis, who, by large importation» of the manufactures pf Great Britain, have provided [or their domeflic confumption,


which in every alternate year in- creates in proportion to tne num- bur aljembled tor national bufinefs, do already feel a decay of their trade and credit, even from a tern- porary ciecreafe of inhabitants.

Grazerul for the many blefiings

derived to us from your Majelly’: parental alfefiion, and conlcious that relieving the wants of your people lucceeds to the knowledge of them, we prelume I? intrude our cares upon your Majelly’s more weighty concerns ; and hum- bly beleech your lvlajelly to take thefe our circumllances into your Royal confideration, and to grant us fuch relief as your Majefly in your Royal wifdom ihall think fit.

In teftimony whereof we have caufed the common" feal of the faid city to be hereunto affixed, this twentylninth day of OEtober, in the year of our Lord One thouland {even hundred and feventy.