S U P P L I E S granted by Parliament, for the Year I770.

JANUARY 25,1770. 1. ' HAT a number of landlorces, including one thoufand five hundred and twenty-two invalids, amounting to feventeen thoufand fix hun- dred and lixty-fix efiieéiive men, commillion and non- commiflion oflicers included, be employed for the year1770. 2. For defraying the charge of this number of ePfeétive men, for guards, garrifons, and other of his Ivlajeflfs land forces, in Great Britain, jerfey, and Guernfey, for the year 1770 i —~—— 624.992 O 2 3. For maintaining his l\/Iaje[iy’s forces and garri- fons in the plantations and Africa, including thofe in garrifon at Minorca and Gibraltar, and for pro- - vifions for the forces in North America, Nova Sco- t-ia, Newfoundland, Gibraltar, the ceded iflands, and Africa, for the year 1770 ---- --—- 4. For defraytirig the charge of the diEei-ence of pay between the Britifh and Iriih eftablifhment of five battalions and four companies of foot, ferving in the Ifie of hdan, at (Qibraltar, hflinorca, and the cedediflands,forthe year 1770 5. For the pay of the genenfl and general fiafil oflicers in Great Britain For the year 1770 6. Eor dcfraying the charge of full pay, for 365 days, lor the year 1770, to otiicers reduced, with the tenth company of feveral battalions reduced from ten ‘to nine companies, and who remained on half-pay atthe 24th day of I)ecen1ber, 1765 7. For the paying of penlions to the widows of Tech reduced ofiicers of his Nlajelifs land-forces and marines, as died upon the eliabliihment of half-pay in Great Britain, and were married to them before the 25th day of December, 1716, for the year 1770 8. Upon account of the reduced ofiicets of his majeliWs land-forces and marines, for the year 1770 9. For tiefraying the charge for allowances to the {eve-val oiiicers and private gentlemen of the two noops of lIQIiC-QKEIKIKlS reduced, and to the fuperan-


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