4. Upon account, M’ maintaining and fupporting the eivilfelialbltlhment of his I\’Iajefiy’s colony of Nova Scotia. or t e year 1770

5. Upon account, for defraying the expenee; at- tending general lurveys of his Majefifs dominions in North America, for the year 1770



6. That provifion be made for the pay and eloath- ing of the militia, and for their fubfiltence during the time they {hall be abfent from home, on aeeoung of the annual exerciie, for‘ the year 1779

_ MARCH 12. t. On account, for defraying the charges of the


4139 ° S 1885 4, o 187 Q 4 s 555° ° °

Civil government of Senegambia, for the year 1770

2, For paying oi? and dilcharging the Exchequer- bills made out by virtue of an act, paffed in the lafl ieliion of parliament, intitulecl, An m for railing a. terrain (urn of money, by loans or Exchequer-bills, for the fervice of‘ the year i769,’ and charged upon the firit aids to be granted in this (cfiion of parlia- ment -—-—-


Marten t3.

To be employed in maintaining and fupporting the Britifh forts and {ettlements on the coali of Afri- ca, under the direfiion of the committee of a com- pany of merchants trading to Africa Matter; 19.

To enable hisaMz-jelty to allifl: the inhabitants of

the ifiandof Barbadoes, in ‘defraying the expence of cleanling the channel, repairing the mole, and ren- dering the harbuur there nzore lafe and commodious


NiARCI-l 2g. _

1. To make good to his lvlajefly, the like firm, ‘which has been ilfued by his Majelly’s orders, in pur- fuance of the adttrellies of this houle

2 Towards enablin the trullees of the Britifh Niulieum to ‘carry on the execution of the truli repofed in them by parliament

Towards carrying on and completing an addi. tional building, for a more commodious paflage to the h rule of commons, from St. Margareflslane, and Gld iaalace-yard

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