Upon account, to enable his Majefty to difcharge the debts owing upon the forfeited ellates in Scot- land; and alTo tor paying and dilcharging the prices agreed to be paid to the Lords fuperiors, for the pur- chafe of the fuperiorities of, and likewife for their claims of property to certain fpecified eftates which were forfeited in that kingdom —--»- —-——-- 72QQQ Q 0

To replace to the {inking fund the like fum paid out of the fame, to make good the deficiency on the 5th day of July, 1769, of the fund eiiablilhed for paying annuities, in refpeét of five millions borrow. ed, by virtue of an aft of the 3x1} George II. to- watds the fupply granted for 2h.- fervice of the year

175$ , - ---—~— 4545312 s To make good the deficiency of the grants for the 1w 1769 --»— -——~ --— saw 7 5% i ‘—“_"'-—“-w APRIL iz. --,-l-9-c.)§-.Q-.__(_) é

LTO difcharge fuch unllitisfied claims and dc.» mands, for expences incurred during the late war in Germany, as appear to be due to the Landgrave of Heife Caffel,_by the reports of thecommiilioners zip- pointed by his majefiy, for examining and Rating fuch claims and demands ---- f - >5J5 I1 0 2. To be advanced to the governor and company of the merchants of England, trading to the Levant feas, _to be flfiplwddlfl aflilhng the faid company in carrying ont at tra e -- ---_.. 5cm; O 9 3. Upon account, to enable the Foundling-hofpital to_ maintain and educatefuch children as were rQ- ceived into the fald hofpital on or before the 25th day of March, 1760, from the 3tfi of December, i769, exclufive, to the 3rd day oi‘ December i770,

inclufive; and that the faid furn be iifued and paid,

for the ufe of the faid hofpital, without fee or reward,

or any deduction whatfoever --— -._. 9650 @ 5 4.. Fer enabling the {aid hofpital to put out ap-

prentiee the faid children, fo as the {aid hofpital do

not give with one child more than 7 l, 3599 9 G

6271s 12 o

Artur. 26. l. That the fum of one million five hundred thou-

Qnd pounds capital flock of annuities, after the rate