ofthrce pounds ten lhillings per centum, eliabliflied bv an act made in the 29th year of the reign 0F his late M-ijeliy king George the lecond, intituled,‘ An act for granting to his Majeltv tne (um of two milli. Ons, to be railed by way of annuities and a lottery, and charged on the linking fund, redeemable by par- liament, and for extending to Ireland the laws made in this kingdom againlt private and unlawful lotte- ries,‘ be redeemed and paid 0H" on the 12th day of February next, after dilicharging the interelt then payable in refpeft of the fame.

2. To enable his Majeliy to redeem and pay 06-‘ the faid capital flock of annuities

3. To pay the benefit prizes in the prelient lottery, charged upon the fupplies of the current year

M A Y 3.

1. Upon account of the expences of the new roadg of communication, and building bridges, in the high- lands of North-Britain, in the year 1770

2. Towards paying of? and difcharging the debt 0F the navy -

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MA Y 8.

1. To enable his Majeliy to make compenfation to Francis Dalby, of London, merchant, for the da_ mages which the laid Francis Dalby hath fulfered, by the fioppage and lofs of his lhip, called the Britan- nia, at Mahon, by order 0F the late admiral Mat- thews, and by the ufe, employment, and detainer, of his {hip called the Francis, by order of the com- manders of his Majeliy’s fleets

z. To enable his hlajeliy to make good the like fum, which has been paid to feveral perfons in the county of Southampton, as a compenfation, and in full fatisfacli0n of their lolTes and expences, incur- red lpurfuant to feveral orders of council, for pre- venting the fpreading of the infectious difiemper among the horned cattle


l. To be advanced to John Hatfell, Efq; clerk of this houfe, towards defraying the expence of printing the journal of this houfe, from the end of the lalt lelli0n 0F parliament to the end of this pre- fent feflion, with a proper index thereto z. To be advanced to fuch perlbn or perfons as the fpeaker of this houle {hall authorize to receive



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