the fame, towards further defraying the expence of

making a general index to the journals of this houfe



Towards defraying the expence of printing one thoufand two hundred and fifty copies of fuch parlia-


Sum total of the {applies granted this feffion

Way: and Mean: for razfing ll?! aéa-"ue Supply granted lo hi: Ma- jefly, agreed t0 0n {be flllbqcing Dajr, wiz.

JANUARY 2g, 1770.

HAT the duties upon malt,

mum, cyder, and perry, be continued from the 23d of june 1770, to the 24th of June 177i, and charged upon all malt which

{hall be made, and all mum which {hall be made or imported, and

- all cyder and perry which {hall be

made for fale within the kingdom of Great Britain, 700,000]. FEBRUARY 8.

That the fum of 3 s. in the pound, and no more, be railed, within the (pace of one year, from the 25th day of March, 1770, upon lands, tenements, heredita- ments, penfions, offices, and per- fonal eltates, in that part of Great Britain called England, Wales, and the town of Beiwick upon Tweed ; and that a proportionable cefs, ac- cording to the ninth article of the treaty of union, be laid upon that part of Great Britain, called Scot- land, 5528,5681. l! nfrd.

v M A a c a 3.

That the charge of the pay and cloathing of the militia, in that part of Great Britain called Eng- land, for one year, beginning the 25th day of March, i770, be de-

mentary and other records, as his Majefiy lhall think

6000 0o


7455043 I 3

i-aa-jiij-i- ,

frayed out of the monies arifing by the land-tax granted for the fervice of the year i770.

I3. That towards raifing the fupply granted to his majelly, the {urn of 1,800,000}. be railed, by loans or exchequer-bills to be charged upon the firfl; aids t0 be granted in the next {eiiion of par- liament; and {uch excaequer-bills, if not difcharged, with intereli: thereupon, on or before the 5th day of April, 177i, to be ex- changed, and received in payment, in fuch nzanner as eJ-rcheqcer-bills have ufually been exchanged and received in payment.

29. That towards railing the fupply granted to his Majelty, there be ifihed and applied the {um _or" 299,375]. 6s. bid, re- maining in the cxchcquer, on the 5th day of January, 177 , for the difpofition of parliament, of the monies which had then arifcn of the furplulfes, exceffes, or over- plus monies, and other revenues, ccmpofing the fund, commonly called the linking fund.

A P P. i L 9

That the {um of 400,000 l. which, by an act made in the .21‘: feiiion of parliament, intituled, An aft for carrying into execu- tion certain propoials made by the Bait-India company, for the pay- merit ofthe annual {urn of arooy-cel.