ihat could be fpared from the neigh- bouring iilands for that iervice, which, with the afliliance of his Majefiy’s {hips upon that Ration, were to reduce the Caribbs to a due fubmiihon to government; or if their obtiinacy rendered that im- prafticable, that they might be removed from the ifland, to fuch place as ihould be thought molt proper for their reception; the firicteli orders being given at the fame time, that they fhould be fur- niihed with proper veffels for their tranfportation, plentifully provided with provifions and neceiiaries, and treated with all imaginable hu- inanity in their paffage; It was farther directed, that when they arrived at the place of their defii- nation, they fhould be liberally (up; plied. both with every thing necef- fary for their prefent ‘fubfiftence, and for their eftabliihment as a. hew colony. But it does not ap- pear, that the place to which they were to be removed was properly adapted to their reception and ac- tommodation, or f0 much as clearly afeertained. I H _

The event of this expedition was ‘hot known, when the affair of St. Vincent’s became agitated in par-

, liament. Soon after Dec‘ 9th‘ the opening of the (ef- lion, upon the prefenting of an eitimate from the War-Office in the committee of fupply, of the land- {ervice for the enfuing year, the number of troops that were Rated to be in the Weft-India iflands. gave an opportunity to the gentle- men in oppofition to animadvert hpon this expedition, and to give hotice that they would, on a future day, propofe an enquiry into its haiture, zjultice; and propriety, to- gather with the motives theft led t0

f0 extraordinary a meaiure. T his enquiry being agreed to by admi- nillration, the matter was after-i warns frequently brought up; but fiill deferred, in hopes ofcottrining new intlrmation, and to give an opportunity of procuring and con- fidering the neceffary papers.

It was accordingly a conlider- able time after the Chrifimas re- cefs, before this aiFair was taken finally into confidetation; when, at length, two general officers were examined, as to the latePt accounts they had received of the ftate of their regiment-s, which were then employed on the fervice againft the Caribbs. One oithele gentlemen read part ofa letter, which he had received upon the fubject from St; Vincent’s, in which the expedition was greatly complained of, not only in reipect of its having been undertaken in the rainy ieaion, which had occafioned a great mor- tality among the troops ; but alfo with regard to its injuflice and cruelty, with both of which it was ftrottgly charged by the writer; who emphatically complained, that the poor Caribbs had been very ill ufed ; andgwiflted, with the energy charaéteriflic of an ofiicer, that the contrivers and promoters of the eitpedition might be brought to a fpeedy and fevere accountt By the fame authority it was reprefented, that the woods were f0 thick that the Caribbs killed our men, with the greateft fecurity to themfelves, and without their being able even to fee the enemy that defiroyed them; and that at the time of writing the letter, which was on the 14th of November, the troops had not been able to penetrate above four miles into their coun-

try i It