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The fellions ended at the 15th.

Old Bailey. At this {eflion fifteen priloners received judgment ofdeath, forty were fentenced to be tranfportc-d for (even years, fix crdered to be privately whipped, two to be publicly whipped, and fifty-five were dilicharged by pro- Clamation. Among thofe capitally convicted were William Davidlon, for a molt impuclent robbery in the chambers ofRichard James, Efq; in the Tem- ple. This fellow ufcd to {have Mr. James, and knowing that he was out oftown, he got accefs by mean ofa fallie key, and taking a broker with him, perfonated 1\"lr. James, and fold his goods.--Wil- liam Cox, for llcaling bank notes, value 4:01. from John Kenriclt, a dealer in hories for the French»- Francis Talbot, for breztlting and entering the houfe of \Villiam Ewer, lift]; and ltealing plate and bank-notes to a great amount- _-@'e‘rn.l John Sterling, for forging the will of Elizabeth Shooter, with in- tent to defraud‘ the South~Sea Coni- ‘iélltlj/ (ti? 350i. He folemnly de- clared he intentieCl to replace the nzonejx, and the Jury recotnmended him to tnercyn This day Sir John Fielding in- formed the Bench oiJulliees, that lgrll year written to l\/Ir. Garrick concerning the impropriety ofperlorniing the Beggafls Opera, which never was reprelented on the age ivithout creating an additional number of real thieves : he begged, therefore, gentlemen prffltfll would join with him in requelting Mr. Garrick to deilzt from perform- ing that opera on Saturday even- ing. The Bench immediately con- fentedto the propofal; and a po- lite card was dilipatched to Mr. Gar- rick. for that purpofe. T0 which




Mr. Garrick returned for anfwer, that his company was. (o imperfect and divided, (many of the per- formers being yet in the country) that it wouldbe exceedingly in- convenient, if not inipofiible, for him to open with any other piece, than that he had already advertiliéd; but added, that he would for the future do every thing in his power to oblige them. '

Ravze, zfzzgu/l l7. Yefierday at night a detachment of Corfican fol- diers went to ‘each of the colleges‘ and other houlies of the Jefuits, with the following prelates, viz. Mellrs. Macedonio, Alfani, Serfale, Zaccheri, Dionigi, Archetti, Ri- ganti, Paflbnei, Foggoni, and Dei- la Porta. The loldi-ers having taker! pelt both within and without thefe relipeétive houlies, the above depu- ties afiiembled the community, and cauled to be read to them, by the notaries nominanted for that pur- poie, the brief which oecalionecl their commifiion, and the bull of their fuppreffion. After which, they fuccelhvely put the feal on the ar- chives, chells of {ilver plate, and ofprovifions. They then left the foldiers in the faid houfes and. col- leges, to have an eye over theft; individuals, who in the {pace of eight days were to quit the habit of their order. The Jefnits com- menced from this morning to give up their fchools, and are no longer to exercife the functions of their minillry.

Aleppo, Yuly I2. Thelafi ac- counts from Baflora and Bagdad are very afflicting, as they mention that the plague has carried of? 100,000 people in the former of thofe two places, and more than twice that number in the latter. The French conful at Bagdad, and the agent of the fame nation at Baflbra,