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Balforra, and all the catholic priellfs, are among the dead. The Englilh agent would molt probably have died liltewife, had he not gone into the country with many of his coun- trymen, _feveral of whom, however, had the misfortune to fall into the hands of Kerim Kan, their enemy. _ Dautzick, Aug. 30. The Eng- lilh’ me_rchants, to whom the Ad- miralty of Great Britain had given pet-million to purchafe timber and oakplanksphave received advice, that many barks ladenfivitli the above commo\dities,_in going down the Viilula, were flzopt at Fordan, and conducted to Elbing, where the directors of the Pruliian com- pany paid the value to the propri- etors. _They continue to work with diligence in the yards of Konigll berg and Pillan, from which ports ‘a conliderable armament will be foon ready to put to (ea. They have added to the above a Dutch frigate, purchalcd at this place. There are at Stetin feven fl-igatt-s ready to put to (ca, and they are at work on leveral others. Paris, Sept. 6. On the XSth ult. -one of themoll: violent thunder fiorms happened in the province of _Bretagne in France, that ever was known there. It continued raining in torrents the whole day; but tat midnight the elements feemeti in one continued blaze, with thunder without int-ermillion. Su-tcral bridges are bEOK€lI down, caulc- ways demolilhed, and mallyllOLlltfé, mills, and other buildings, wailud away. The bodies of 53 perions had been taken up, which had been brought down by the torrent, and the number of cattle loPt is in- credible. The efiefls of the above llorm

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were equally {evere at St. i\’lalo’s and its environs. The waters oc- calioned the greatelt damage, and all the hopes with‘ which they had flattered thsmfelvcs of a plentiful hirveli, have been loll by the inun- dations. 'I‘he violence of the wind rai ed the waves of the lea to fuch a height, as to beatover the walls of the town. The lhips and vefiiels that were moored, or at anchor, could not refill: the irnpetuofity of the waves, but arnidtt the roaring or’ the wind, and molt tremendous thunder and lightning, were driven againll: the rocks, and perilhed. The coall: is lince covered with wrecks. 1

Six performs conviited oFpromot- ing difienfions at St. Francois, in St. Domitigo, and concerned in the late riots, (‘two of them confider- able merchants) were privately exe- cuted in the Baltile the 14th in- llant.

Btflcn (New Brig/anti), 7.1222 23. Lalt Wetlneltlay the Commons Houle or Alll-mbly of tnis pro- vince pzrfifed an humble petition and renwoiiilrallt-e to the King, purring; tea: his M tjefty would be plealed to remove :mm lheir POllS in glJl/ETIIIZR’ -t, m, Excellency dillOifuln tluzclihaltui, an; Gover- nor, and the Hon wntlretv Oliver, Elq; Liwt‘:~J=..t-Go*.'e:t‘l0r, by a mLgl¢3l'1tVlJfd.-1I(» I2‘

liloj/ :11, i-lmrg. 2: Sentence was pronounced on the Regzcides at \»\":1.rl_1\\'; tin.) are condemned to

lulidlllcl." tiertds, the perlon who brought the King back, to be b.t- ntfhcd th: cluntiv for ever; tile others are condemned to [perpetual imprililniiieliz. ifitlnttflezi, tne pio- moter and inlligtrttoi- of th: hot-l; attack, is condemned to be llll'l__'_ _ in ethgy, his coat of urln~ t- l~.

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