U on a motion for an Feb’ nth‘ addition ofzooo fea- men to be employed for the enfu- ing year, the minilters were re- minded of their conduct before Chriltmas, in deceiving the coun- try gentlemen with the appearances of a reduced peace eltablilhment, and thereby leading them gradually into violent and coercive meafures, each ofwhich was fuppofed to be the lalt, while they were rendered incapable of feeing at any one point of view, either the extent of the expence in which they were in- volving their conitituents, or of the danger in which they were plunging themfelves and the na- tion. This mode of proceeding was reprefented as an high infult to the Houfe, and an open mockery of that good faith and confidence, that ought to fubfilt between the Minifter and the Commons; and that the application now for a grant of 2000 feamen, when they knew that five times the number would not be fuflicient to carry their de- figns into execution, was an aggra- vated repetition of the infult; that this mode of procedure was befides calculated to give a full opening to that ruinous practice of gaming in the funds, whereby thofe in the fe- cret of affairs had an opportunity of making immenfe fortunes at the public expence.

The minilters avoided all precife explanation as to future applica- tions for fupply: they could not pretend to foretel what events might poflibly happen, and could not therefore bind themfelves by any fpecific engagement; but they ho- ped that this would be the lalt ap- plication of the kind. The infi- nuation as to the funds was univer- fally difclaimed, and the motion for the augmentation agreed to.


The fubjeét was however brought up, and the fame objections made two days after, upon a motion in the committee of fupply, for an aug- mentation of 4,383 men to the land forces. This motion was at- tended with an explanation of the intended military arrangements, by which it appeared, that the force at Bolton would be augmented to about to,ooo' men, which was deemed fufficient for enforcing the laws ; and that the appointment of a number of additional oliicers, (a meafure which was complained of, as incurring a needlefs expence) was neceffary, as it was intended to carry on the operations againlt the Americans by detachments.

This mode of carrying on the war, was much condemned on the other fide for its cruelty; for the indifcriminate deltruction of friend: as well as foes, with which it mutt be attended; and the total ruin of a country which we confidered as our own, and which mutt be the inevitable confequence, if the mea- fure could at all fucceed. But it was infilted, that the force, both by fea and land, was totally inade- quate to the purpofe for which it was ordained; and that the na- tional money was to be fquandered away, without a pollible return of advantage, or even a probability of its attaining the ends to which it was directed. For, they faid, that the ufe of an infignificant force mult infallibly have the effect of encou- raging the colonies to that refill;- ance, which it was poflible the early appearance of a great fleet and army might awe and check in the beginning. The augmentation was carried without difficulty.

Whillt parties thus purfued their debates with much eagernefs and animofity, and nothing but de-