III. In behalf of the Nole; it will quickly appear, And your lordlhip, he laid, will undoubtedly find That the Nofe has had fpeilacles always in wear, Which amounts to pofleflion time out of mind.

IV. Then holding the fpeétacles up to the court- Your lordfhip oblerves they are made with a flraddle, As wide as the ridge ofthe Nofe is, in fhort, Delign’d to fit clofe to it, jult like a faddle.

V. Again, would your lordfhip a moment, fuppofe (’Tis a cafe that has happen’d, and may be again) That the vifage or countenance had not a Nofe, Pray who wou’d or who c0u’d wear {peétacles then E‘

VI. On the whole it appears, and my argument fliows V'- With a reas’ning the court will never condemn, That the fpeflacles plainly were made for the Nofe, And the Nofe was as plainly intended for them.

VII. Then Ihifting his fide, as a lawyer knows how, He pleaded again in behalf of the Eyes, But what were his arguments few people know‘, F or the court did not think they were equally wife.

VIII. So his lordfhip decreed, with a grave folemn tone, Decifive and clear without one if or but— That whenever the Nofe put his fpecitacles on

By day-light or candle-light-Eycs lhould be fhut.

i The fblloquirilg elegant 0d: (fi-om the Gentleman’: llIagazi/ze) i: faid ta 5e t/Je produfiion of a Gentleman well ézza-"twz in t/Je political World, qvbo ha: long 5am zlq/kr-"oedh admired for 1/26 happily} vein of wit and humour, and i: not le/i df/lizzgzrzflnrl 5y lair szvariau: and exten/iq/e know- ledge in almzjz‘ £1161] Mane/a of littraturt’ and fiience.

‘To EnxuvNuMALoNE, Efy.

HILST you illumine Shakefpearrfs page, Kl i1 And dare the future critic’s rage, Or on the pail refine, Here many an eve I penfive fit, No Burke pours out a fire-am of wit, i No Bofwell joys o’er wine.