Flagrante police‘: Hifpanienfi Bello,

Anno 17oz,

Expedition- contra M ANILLAS

Auctor idem et Dux fuit:

Qibus exougnandis, dubium reliquit,

BiuTANNL/E Nomen Virtute magis, An Clemcntii infigniverit.

Vale, Dux acer l Vir maniuete, lib.'ralisl- Hoe fiduin tuarum Virtutum,

Speélatzeque a pueris Amicitiae,

_Pofieris Exemplar tradam.

Ob: Ian. A. D. 1787. fEtat. 66.


For tie Tzvo following original Pieces, ‘we are fur/voted to an old Friend, ‘w/ao/E forzner Clommaizzcazioiz: laarve [ism fawouraofy received by the


ANACREONTIQUE, Jddrgfléil, in afar Country, to a once N's-u: Tear.

RE the white hours for ever fled,

3 That us"d to mark the chearful day?

And every killing plezifure dead, "Ihatled th’ enraptufid foul ailray? Too {aft the roFy-footed train The blefi delicious moments paWd ; Pleafure muli now give way to pain, And grief {ucceeds to joy at lat}.

C), daughters of eternal Jove ! Return with the returning year, Bring pleafure back again, and love, ‘With heavenly {miles again appear; O, bring my H '_\_' to my fight l What happy hour will then be by? And while Pm dying with delight, Her foul {hall (peak through either-eye.

Let (acted Friendihip too attend, The man whole foul is molt like mine, Bring B=—-—, my eVer-cieareli friend, And fill the bowl with rofy wine: