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Supplement. THE DIAMUND JUBILEE ‘T he Theosophical Society. 2* - 1875-4935.

Cn this auspicious day, the 17th of November, 1935, the' Burma Section of The Theosophical Society makes its profound obeisance to THOSE WHO ARE OUR GUIDES, leading us from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, from death to Immortality. May Those Who are the embodiment of Love Immortal, bless with Their Protection the Society established to do Their Will on earth; may They ever guard it by Their Wisdom, and energise it by Their,

Loving Holnzige and (iratitilde to you H. P. B., Messenger of the Holy Masters, and to Henry Steel Olcott for your lives of incessant toil and sacrifice that made possible the growth of the Society.

Profound love and greetings to you, Annie Besant, for years of loving Service and Sacrifice, and joyous salutations to you, our esteemed Brother Leadbeater.

Loving Greetings to you, our Chief, G.S. Arundale, and to you, our Leaders, C. J inarajadasa, and Rukmini Arundale, and to all other great workers in the cause of Theosophy.

Greetings to Comrades all the world over. Let us _i hold together in brotherly love and learn to serve. In ' Their ‘Service is perfect joy and freedom.

AUM ! Peace to all BEINGS.




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