"rmu AND POIINYA. E 1/ B/zikk/zu S1'/r€(zi1'a. ( C onfinized Jdrozzz t/ze last 235212).


As to the breaking of the Sila, the consequences of this to

is the individual are many and serious. In the first place, habitual indul- i gence in alcoholic liquors deadens and stupifies the mind ‘and makes

it unfititorreall)’ goodiand finework. It is quite true that the first, the immediate} effect of a dose of alcoholic stimulant is aquickening and intensifyingof the mental powers, but this is a purely temporary

and transient: efiect, and is followed by a reaction which. more than i ccunterbalancesi the passing gain in energy. While a long succession

of doses of alcoholic stimulant results in producing a state of the. brain 0 a i 0 - q o - . p . o o o 4 _ tissue which nfe callm English fsodden ; a state 1n WhlCll 1t sueems

i no longer capable of giving expression to clear and continuous thought.»

Need I pdint out tojyon xvhztt a fatal thing that is from the standpoint of our religion? For though Dana and Sila and ‘many another Pnfifiakammam besides is needed on the road that. leads to release from Samsara, yet in the last analysis it is Right Understanding that

opens the gates tothe Immortal, and how is Right Understanding

possible if the instrument by xvhich it is obtained dis ruined l before- hand b}; indulgence in a noxious drug? How shall a razor do its

proper duty that has lost its keen, cutting edge? »shall a.

mind cleatte its clear clean ntay to the heart of lthe Dhamnra that has been dulled and blunted with alcoholic indulgence?

And there is another and "a very powerful manner in which the partakingi of i11t*oxim nts'acts as a retardin force, upon an individuals

progress towards Deliverance from S_a1nsart_.. F rem one point of xriew‘ man maypbe looked upon as just a ibumlie of appetites and idesires.

And this is true both oft the civilised man and the savage. but with

this difference, and a iter;' important one in its outward results: In‘

the civilised nranthereltarei present, lconti1it:o1rsl}l* ' active; a‘ rgx*oup*Ytrof What areealled inhibitory powers xvhich act 22$ a cheeiga atbrake; as it were, upon the appetites, holding them bacl§ §_fiom idm1i1ediat_e5

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