The Writings

‘Benjamin Sulte


No more prolific Writer lives in Canada than Mr. Benjamin Sulte, of Ottawa, his- torian. Unlike most Writers Whose pens flow easily, Mr. Sulte is conscientious. accurate and clear-cut in his Writings. He is regarded as the leading author and authority on the history of Canada.

Benjamin Sulte, President of the First

Section Royal Society o1" Canada, Was born at Three Rivers, IProvince of Quebec, on the 17th of September, 1841. He is the only living son of Benjamin Sulte, W110 Was owner and captain of a schooner Which plied between Quebec and Halifax, and Marie Lefelwvre, Whose ancestor was the first French settler at Baie du Febvre (Lefebvres Ray, Lake St. Peter), in 1683. The first Sulte (Jean) came to (‘zmada as a soldier, Ill 1756, in one of the regiments under the C0111- lnand of Montcalm. He. settled in Three livers.

Young Snlte left the Friars‘ school at the age of ten, when he could read, write and

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