As the great bulk of the circulation of the journal is in Libraries and similar lnstitutionsfits pages offer a good medium for advertising Oriental Advertisements. wares, books, etc. Advertisement rates are Rs. 3o per crown quarto page per issue, payable on publication to the 'l‘reasurer of

the Buddhasfisana Santfigama.

Bnnmttsnt is printed and published for the Society by the Hanthqwaddy Press, Rangoom-tvholesale orders should be sent to the Publishers; retail to the Honorary Secretary, Buddhosasana Snmfiganza. Cheques, etc., must be made payable to " The Account of the Buddhas-leans Samfigama" and crossed " Messrs. Thos. Cook and Sons."


For the benefit of Orientalists living in Western Lands, who have not ready access to Pali MSS., a circulating Library- of such hlSS. is gaunt,” a "n, in process of formation, and a Catalogue of the MSS. will be is~ Palm-Ital Innu- sued in due course. This Library will be Accessible to llonu- li- rary and General Members of the Society only, and rules regulat ing the use of it will be issued together with the Catalogue. Donations of Piili MSS. and other works are earnestly solicited to this most important

work, and will be duly acknowledged in forthcoming numbers of [i1't1ntr|s.\t.

The Society is prepared to arrange for the copying of any portion of the Tipi-

taka or Commentaries, and for such other works as may be

OOWII- accessible in Burma, for Members who will undertake to pay

the cost for same. The MSS. will be copied by the ordinary- Tetitple Copydsts, on the best palm-leaves, in the Burmese character. Each copy will be read over with the original, and corrected; but the Society cannot be held responsible for copyista’ errors. The charge for copying, the cost of palm-leaves and lacquered covers, etc., will be added together and sent to the Member who ordered the work; the MSS. will be insured for full value, and despatchcd to the Member on receipt of its cost.


All who are interested in the work of this Society are earnestly invited to aid that work by donations, tvithout which it will not be possible to eflicicntly carry out the scheme of sending free copies of Btvnutttsat and our other Publications to Public Libraries, etc. Should a donor wish to confine his donation to any special department of the Society's work, he should specify this on the Donation l-‘orm which will be found at p. 2t of this Prospectus. Donations will be gratefully acknowleged, and recorded in the Society's journal, or other ollicial Publications. When not otherwise specified by the donors, donations will be applied to the General Fund.


The Receipts of the Society may be divided into (a) Members‘ Fees; (l: proceeds of sales of Publications, etc.; and [r] Donations; and its expenditure classi ed as (u) the Grin-ml l-"nml, employed in the production of Publications, Oflice Expenses, Lectures, and the like ; (.4) a Ilmtf-qirurfrra" Fnmi, which will be set aside for building a special place to meet the growing requirements of the Society's work ; and (w) an ltl/Irrtziiolittl Ifimrl, which will be applied to the work of the Educational Committee now in course of formation, the chief aim of which is the founding of a Buddhist College in Rangoon, where a high-class education on “lestern lines can be given, together with religious instruction. One of the chief features of this College will be the training of teachers for religious and secular purposes.