g. The Siimégama shall have a Common Seal, the device of which shall be an eight-rayed wheel with the Svlstika or Buddhit Cross at its Gammon loll. centre. This Common Seal shall hereafter be kept in custody of either of the Secretaries and shall be attached by him by order

of the Council, to all Certificates, Appointments and similar ollicial documents.

ro. (u). The affairs of the Society shall be regulated by a Council, to be known as the General Council ; which in ilt-s lunctiun shall be (t) Legislative, enacting all Rules, Bye-laws, etc., for the direction of the Executive; (2) Elective, appointing the Chief Officers oi the Executive, Representatives of the Society, and Honorary Members thereof; and (3) judicial, in the event of any charge or charges being brought against any Ofiicer or Member of the Society.


(h). The General Council shall be composed of (i) All Members of Council who are present. in person or by proxy, at the Second Anniversary Meeting of the Society held in july 190+ ; (2) Any persons whom the General Council may hereafter elect to Membership therein; and (3) Any Member of the Society who may hereafter be ap- pointed by a group of Members of the Society in any country to represent their interest as their Delegate.

(. ). The General Council shall elect, at each Anniversary Meeting of the Society, a President and Vice-President; who shall hold office for one year and be eligible for re-election; the President or Vice- President shall preside over all Mretinga of the General Council, and shall possess a casting vote.

11/). Members of the General Council retain oiiice for life, unless they resign, demit, or are expelled. A Member of tne General Council shall be taken as having demitted when (t) he has demitted from Membership in the Society, as provided by Rule 8, or (z) he shall have failed to attend any five consecutive Meetings of the General Council to which he has been duly summoned. A Member of the General Council can only be expelled by a Vote of Censure passed by a three-quarters majority of the General Council itaelf.

(r). The General Council shall meet once a year on the date arranged for the General Anniveraar Meeting of the Society; when it shall receive the Reports o the Chief Otticera, pass Rules, etc., and generally consider any business within its jurisdiction. lt shall further meet at any time on summons of the Executive, notice of such Meetings, with the Agenda to be dismissed, being sent to each Member of the Council. At all its bleetings seven shall form a Quorum.

(f). ‘l‘he General Council being in its functions legislative, elective and judicial, is not responsible for the conduct of the Society's: aflaira ; nor is it the Governing Body of the Society within the meaning of the Act.