Jean Augustine interview: Political buttons and Brownies

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´╗┐Well I think I was a collector of all kinds of stuff. The buttons were
just more tangible. And I'll tell you how the whole issue of the button
collection came about. My daughters were in Brownies, and one afternoon I
was taking them to Brownies and my older daughter Valerie says, "Mom, I
have to bring a collection, I have to give a collection" And I said what do
you mean? "I have to collect something that's 6 or 8 of the same thing."
And I said I don't have 6 or 8, why didn't you tell me? You know what you
go through [as a mother], why didn't you tell me that let week when you
came back from there? So I started kind of hunting around, pulling drawers
out and pulling things out and eyeing what I can get that she can mount on
this ribbon to take and in one of these drawers I found some buttons--
these buttons that I have collected. So I took 8 of them and made her pin
them onto this ribbon thing and that was her collection that she took in.
And of course, when she brought it back, we started kind of adding on the
piece of ribbon. And the issue of the buttons as political and I'm sure
when you went through the others I had buttons from everywhere, not just
politics, it just came about, it was a neat thing. And once you start a
collection, you put it up. I had it up in my basement and people would come
in and out and see it and someone would give you something else. So I have
buttons from all places, far off places and everything because people saw
that you had the collection, they just wanted to add to the collection. But
they gave me great pleasure. It was all a neat thing; someone would stand
forever when I brought it to the campaign office and put it up. That was
the first kind of outside the house, public viewing kind of stuff; people
would stand forever reading the buttons and looking at the buttons. And I
lost quite a bit too, there were people who took.