ety has, at all times, the same want, namely of one sane man with adequate powers of expression to hold up each object of monolnania in its right relw tions. The ambitious and mercenary bring their last new mumbo-jumbo, Whether tariff, Texas, rails road, Romanism, mesmerism, 0r California; and, by detaching the object from its relations, easily suc~ ceed in making it seen in a glare; and a multitude go mad about it, and they are not to be reproved or cured by the opposite multitude who are kept from this particular insanity by an equal frenzy on another crotchet. But let one man have the com- prehensive eye that can replace this isolated prodigy in its right neighborhood and bearings, -— the illu- sion vanishes, and the returning reason of the com- munity thanks the reason of the monitor.

The scholar is the man of the ages, but he must also wish with other men to stand well with his con- temporaries. But there is a certain ridicule, among superficial people, thrown on the scholars or clerisy, which is of no import unless the scholar heed it. In this country, the emphasis of conversation and of public opinion commends the practical man; and the solid portion of the community is named with significant respect in every circle. Our peo- ple are of Bonapartds opinion concerning ideolo- gists. Ideas are subversive of social order and comfort, and at last make a fool of the possessor