world contains, and must entertain the purposes for which their responsible agency was given them. It must include these laws and purposes, connected by means of the notions, which re- sponsibility implies, of desert and reward, of moral excellence in various degrees, and of well-being as associated with right doing. All the laws which govern the moral world are ex- pressions of the thought and intentions of our Supreme Ruler. All the contrivances for moral no less than for physical good, for the peace of mind, and other rewards of virtue, for the eleva- tion and purification of individual character, for the civilization and. refinement of states, their advancement in intellect and virtue, for the dif- fusion of good, and the repression of evil; all the blessings that wait on perseverance and energy in a good cause; on unquenchable love of mankind, and tmconquerable devotedness to truth; on purity and self-denial ; on faith, hope, and charity ;-~all these things are indications of the character, will, and future intentions of that God, of whom we have endeavoured to track the footsteps upon earth, and to show his han- diwork in the heavens. This God is our God, for ever and ever.” And if, endeavouring to trace the plan of the vast labyrinth of laws by which the universe is governed, we are some- times lost and bewildered, and can scarcely, or not at all, discern the lines by which pain, and sorrow, and vice fall in with a scheme directed