Not f0 his lofs the fierce Achilles bore,

But fad retiring to the founding ihore,

O'er the wild margin of the deep he hung,

That kindred deep from whence his mother fprung ; There bathed in tears of anger and difdain,

Thus loud lamented to the itormy main.


Id. H.140; d, 1727M; xwrsdu, xau em xi-zfiag 19x92, 86C. 8:0.

But when the fun had borne away his light,

Upon the lands they laid them down to.fleep 5 And when again Aurora came in fight,

Again they launch their {hip into the deep. A good fore-xvind Apollo with them fent ;

Then with her breafi the {hip the water tore, Which by her down on both fides roaring went,

And foon arrived at the Trojan fhore.


Twas night; the chiefs hefide the vefiel lie,

Till rofy morn had purpled (Yer the iky;

Then launch and hoift the niafi ; indulgent gales, Supplied by Phoebus, fill the fwelling fails.

The milk-white canvas bellying as they blow,

The parted ocean foams and roars below.

Above the bounding billows fwift they flew,

Till now the Grecian camp appeard in view.


But quotation muft not be farther extended, while names of confpicuous merit, on the rolls of poetic fame, {till claim their {hare of atten- tion.

Had Comlefsjudgnient borne any proportion to his genius, he would unqueltionably have