seen that their periodical constitution derives its use from the periodical nature of the motions of the planets round the sun; and that the duration of such cycles in the existence of plants and animals has a reference to the arbitrary elements of the solar system : a reference which, we main- tain, is inexplicable and unintelligible, except by admitting into our conceptions an Intelligent Au- thor, alike of the organic and inorganic universe.


T/ze Length, qft/ze Day.

WE shall now consider another astronomical ele- ment, the time of the revolution of the earth on its axis; and we shall find here also that the structure of organized bodies are suited to this element ;---that the cosmical and physiological arrangements are adapted to each other.

‘Ve can very easily conceive the earth to re- volve on her axis faster or slower than she does, and thus the days to be longer or shorter than they are, Without supposing any other change to take place. There is no apparent reason why this globe should turn on its axis just three hundred and sixty-six times while it describes its orbit round the sun. The revolutions of the

other planets, so far as we know them, do not 1)