wuss OF THE EARTH. 51

central portions of the earth, which are placed far beyond the reach of the miner and the geologist, and of which man will probably never know anything directly, are not to be considered as quite disconnected with us, as deposits of useless lumber without effect or purpose. \Ve feel their influence on every step we take and on every breath we draw; and the powers we possess, and the comforts we enjoy would be unprofitable to us, if they had not been prepared with a reference to those as well as to the near and visible portions of the earths mass.

The arbitrary quantity, therefore, of which we have been treating, the intensity of the force of gravity, appears to have been taken account of, in establishing the laws of those forces by which the processes of vegetable and animal life are carried on. And this leads us inevitably, we conceive, to the belief of a supreme contriving

mind, by which these laws were thus devised and thus established.