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of organic: natuz she view of fixing the reztders iltl€lllltbl' correspoiuleiice of the two.

l. The su<~<~<=»~:w-~ 1 alternation, at any given place, of heat ttti/ main and sunshine, Wind and calm, and or 1 ; wpliericr changes, appears at first sight to "‘Hl(‘l_\/’ irregtilar, and not subject to any Z: 1 w. however, easy to see, with a little illlffll’ w itlll. there is a certain de- gree of etm><tziity = t w ‘average weather and seasons of each p; A a lmtigh the particulzn" facts of which these 1.; ifzes RYQ made up seem t0 be out of the real»: ireed laxvs. And when We apply any llllllit"'ii» lt'il.<Ell'(‘ t0 these particular ot-t-iirreiices, and f Q la.» average of the numbers

thus obsertzed, ‘a. ~ , trally‘ find a remarkably

close corres FMHltQZ f cthe numbers belonvino“ t0 D 3'3

the whole, or to :1» - jtbilfil portions of successive

‘veatfs. 'l"hi:-1 v, i?“ Mliittl t0 applv t0 the mea-

sures given bj; ‘t5; s":;;<ii11ete1', the barometer,

the hygi‘<)11i<~t<»i1, tutelage, and similar instru- nients. Thus i‘ ; " ., l that very hot summers, or ‘\t'(,‘t'},i’ cold * iw- or depress the mean anuuzil te1iipei~> a ‘Little above or below the general Slilliltliifh

The heat itiq -*-.~-~'~t‘(l by (legfrees of the

theriuoiiietei": lrtiiijt‘ of the daily is esti-

lilélitfitl b); thi»: a Jaen at a certain period

of the day: vrlii l by experience to cor- respond xvitl- ~t \;<-i'zi;;"e; and the mean