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other food. The cultivation of the vine suc- ceeds only in countries where the annual tem- perature is between 50 and 63 degrees. In both hemispheres, the profitable culture of this plant ceases within 30 degrees of the equator, unless in elevated situations, or in islands, as Teneriffe. The limits of the cultivation of maize and of olives in France are parallel to those which bound the vine and corn in succession to the north. In the north of Italy, west 0f Milan, we first meet with the cultivation of rice; which extends over all the southern part of Asia, wherever the land can be at pleasure covered with water. In great part of Africa millet is one of the principal kinds of grain.

Cotton is cultivated to latitude 40 in the new world, but extends to Astrachan in latitude 46 in the old. The sugar cane, the plantain, the mul- berry, the betel nut, the indigo tree, the tea tree, repay the labours of the cultivator in India and China; and several of these plants have been transferred, with success, to America and the West Indies. In equinoctizil America a great number of inhabitants find abundant nourishment on a narrmv space cultivated with plantain, cassava yams, and maize. The bread fruit tree begins to be cultivated in the hlanillas, and extends through the Pacific; the sago palm in the Moluccas, the cabbage tree in the Pelew islands.