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SPRING 1879.

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mation at the recent general election. Lake Superior and Winnipeg.


the Attorney General, is a native 0f Ontario, came to Manitoba with the first R -d River expedition in 1870. un- der the command of Sir Garnet Wool- sey. as Lieutenant in the first Ontario Rifles. was called to the bar of Ontario in 1861 and to the bar of Manitoba in 1871. He was appointed Crown Coun- sel for Manitoba in 1875 and conducted the Crown business in the Courts of the Province from that time until his acceptance of ofiice in the present government. That first expedition, seldom heard of because it was for- tunately bloodless. made one of the hardest marches in modern times, in overcoming all the wild obtacles of swamps, lakes, rivers and forests in

of his partv who was elected by accla- the 410 miles between Thunder Bay, the hands of no theorist, but rather

prominent positions in which one finds its former members all over the Pro- vince, and especially in Winnipeg, shows that they have within them the stufi that heroes are made of. The ap- pointment of Mr. Walker to one of the highest rovincial positions, not only is an ad itional proof of this, but must ha! very pleasing to his old time com- r es.


Miniiter of Agriculture. is a native of Manitoba. a gentleman well known throughout the Province, ‘ind the largest native farmer in the Red River Vall-y. His fine farm and roomy hospitable home 16 miles south of Winnipeg, are ample proof that this important government portfolio is in

The one whose whole life and works show

that he fully understands and appre- ciates this great industry which un- derlies the prosperity of this Prov- ince, especially, when taken in con- nection with this fact; that the minis- try is in harmony with the present Dominion Government.


of the presentProvincial Parliament, J. W. Sifton,Esq., having been con- nected with the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway from the beginning of work thereon, being the first contractor to break ground both on the Thunder Bay (Lake Superior) and Red River ends, will fortunatelv he of great advantage to the present Provincial Government. by aiding them in judicious legislation ;by means