Letter to Mrs. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, April 2nd 1916

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[April 2, 1916]
Dear Mother.
I recieved your letter this morning and of course was glad to get it. They
started recruiting for the battery yesterday and I handed my name in. I
have not been examined yet and so I don't know whether I have been accepted
or not yet. About seven freshmen from South House are going too. They are
fine fellows and he fellows I have been chummingon most down here. Also
four of the fellows I have here chming with from my course are going too.
There are a lot of other fellows I know going too and  the battery is
composed entirely of Universty men, so you wee it is a pretty find bunch
that is going. I think the Battery is almost full now. I like the Artillery
very much over than the infantry and I would far rather be a private in
this University Battery than I would have a commission in the infantry even
in the 135th.
| page 2: If I am accepted I will be home in a few days as they won't start
drilling us for a few weeks yet. I will miss my exams and get my year and
it certainly feels free to be care free. I will draw $1.70 a day until I
get in camp and then $1.00 a day. The bunch of us celebrated last night by
going to the Grand. A musical comedy "Watch Your Ship" with Mrs. Vernon
Castle was there and was fine. I wourked hard last week for my C.O.75 exam
but I do not care now whether I got it or not. Saturday night I went to the
"Strand" and now "The Battle Cry of Peace". It is nust a moving picture but
ws fine. We are having a thaw here now and the streets are pretty dirty.
Much love now. Love to Dad, Dorothy and yourself.