Letter to Mrs. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, May 29th 1916

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Dear Mother
Rec'd your letter this morning and of course was glad to get it. We had a
pretty hard day's drill today and it has been oan awfully hot day so I feel
rather tired. I am going down to Loer's to-night but am going early so I
can get to bed early. I don't know for sure when I am going to get [?]? but
of course we are going to get it and I will probablby be in a few days. All
of the fellows in the House are going in the draft so I am glad I am in it.
 Ross heard about the draft so he came down Friday night to see us. He
stayed till this morning and slept with me. He is very sorry he did not
join the Batery now when we are so lucky t be going overseas so soon. |
page 2: We went to the Royal Alex Sat. night and over to the Island Sunday
aft. Gran's phoned up and asked me for tea Sunday night so I was there. 
They were very glad to see me. They are better now. I was talking to Uncle
Donald. I was the first soldier he has seen. He is keeping about the same.
I now buy the paper to night Hartley Loft has joined the aviation school
here. Well I guess I must close now as the fellows are after me to go to
the show.
Love to all Gordon
P.S. My vaccination or innoculation is not bothering me.