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Datastream Size Mimetype
southseatales00lond_0003.jp2 152.26 KiB image/jp2
Fedora Object to Object Relationship Metadata. 1.36 KiB application/rdf+xml
XACML Policy Stream 13.06 KiB text/xml
Dublin Core Record for this object 364 B text/xml
Thumbnail 31.38 KiB image/jpeg
Medium sized JPEG 315.63 KiB image/jpeg
JPEG 2000 2.28 MiB image/jp2
OCR 116 B text/plain
HOCR 4.19 KiB text/html
TECHMD_FITS 9.02 KiB application/xml
Fedora Relationship Metadata. 356 B application/rdf+xml