Letter to VW from Miss D. Beale 15 July 1905

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Jul 15. 1905

[Printed text]: [in blue ink] LADIES' COLLEGE, CHELTENHAM.

Dear Lady Welby

Thanks for your paper, and kind offer to send your book. You were good
enough to do so some time ago, and it was that which made me sure you would

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Dr. Stoney's paper. Would you send him me?

His daughter was with us for some years. he is wonderfully clean[?] and
 I have just come upon a very good book by an American Phil of
Education by Norne[?] (McMillan) He dwells

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much on social education. Your point of view is a very important one, [both
as it?] [illegible] [home?] to the young and specially to parents who care
for money and position
Still I think some progress has been made. I am amazed at people
operating[?] as they do

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about the Views of Wakefield how that old man could wish his daughter to
be married to that wretch, I cannot see. Better it had been a sham marriage
+ she free. The morality of Leonor + [?] Edgworth is strange and these
[sights?] were [illegible] or admirable. 
I send a magazine with a paper by an old pupil on the subject

Yours sincerely

D. Beale