Letter to Mrs. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, September 5th 1916

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Sept 5/16
Dear Mother,
	I rec'd two letters from you this morning, No's 9 & 10, that you wrote
on the 13th and 18th. I think I am getting all you mail all right only it
does not come very regular. I think it comes better from Toronto and other
places. This is the first mail from home I have had for two weeks, but I
know you have been writing. You have my right address. Just write plainly
in the lower right hand corner of the envelope
	Gunner W S Stepler No 337810
		2nd Battery
		Reserve Brigade C.F.
		Ross Barracks
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I hope you have been getting all my mail all right and wish you would
acknowledge them. I sent those snaps you sent me back, some snaps I took
around the tent, some that I took in Canterbury, [over looks] of
Canterbury, Edinburgh & Glasgow. Also sent some papers, some papers
containing some programs and some heather (the white heather is supposed to
be very scarce and lucky) and a couple of days ago sent a long letter
telling about my trip.
	It has been cool here for the last few days. Monday we had foot drill
until 10:30 and physical exercise in the afternoon until 3[?]. I was on
aerial picket at night but was not called out. Just had to stay around the
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To-day I was told that I was going to be on either main or quarantine guard
to-morrow. We are supposed to practice for it all day but our instructor
was not there so we beat it, and I have laid in the tent and read all day.
I go out for twenty four hours to-morrow, have two hours on and four hours
off. It is very disaggreable [sic] work walking up and down, and stopping
anybody, while it lasts [but] we have the next morning off to rest up. We
will just have one days work in two and a half so it might be a good deal
worse. I have been very lucky so far in escaping such things as they just
pick them out at random.
	I am going to go down to Folkestone to-night to get a good meal.
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It is not the quantity but the quality of food that you get at the mess
room. I think that leave spoiled the bunch of us but I am going to start
back at the mess room soon. There is just one place here where you can get
a good meal, the Connaught Club in Folkestone. There are lots of soldiers
homes around here but all you can get is ham and eggs.
	Well I guess this is all the news now. Love to everybody,