Letter to Mrs. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, September 15th 1916

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Shorncliffe. Sept 15/16
Dear Mother,-
	Have rec'd several letters from you since last writing so you see I am
getting them all. I got ten letters Wednesday but then often don't get any
for quite a while.
	There is not much news to tell you just squad drill every morning until
10.30 and physical exercise in the afternoon until about 3.30. I was on
cookhouse fatigue one afternoon as every one hates physical jerks. We had
to cut up green beans. This afternoon I managed to drop out of the parade
as it was going by the W.C. and am now over at the Papilion Soldiers Home.
	It has been pretty cold the last two days and as it came rather sudden we
feel it especially
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at night. It is also nasty getting up at reveille in the morning. The moon
and stars are shining and it is very cold. Also cold getting washed. It is
getting dark earlier now (about 7.30). We are not supposed to have candles
in our tents at night because of air raids but we generally manage to keep
them going until about 9.30 and then the military police makes us put them
	We got paid yesterday afternoon. It was one pound ten this time. My pay
has varied from one pound ten to four pounds so you can't tell what you are
going to get. However our draft has been paid higher than any other draft
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	I was talking to Oscar Davis the other day. He was on his weeks leave and
was visiting some relations in Folkestone. I am going to try and get a week
end free soon and will go to London Saturday and Whitley Sunday to see the
	Well I guess this is all the news there is to tell you. Love to Dad
Dorothy & yourself.
P.S. My washerwoman lost one of my washings containing a [suit] of
underwear socks and [?] so you can send over some more socks now.